07 Mar 2014

5 days liver detox program with Ayurveda!

The aim of the program:

  • To take out the toxic material from the liver
  • To increase well- beeing due to free the organism from toxic material, which accumaltes more in spring time
  • With the dissolving from deposited toxines, the blocks in the organism dissolve, too.
  • The skin will be beautifule and jung
  • The metabolic process will be faster
  • The resistance of the immune system increases

Our largest detoxification organ is the liver. To maintain the normal function of the liver healthy diet is suggested. In addition to the diet, it is recommended to do regular detoxication. In the fast world the pressure to comply is very big, the high stress factor overloads the nervous system and the digestion system.  It is hard to find  ingredients which are not genetically modified or free of preservatives and chemicals. Irregular eating habbits, late night dinners, energy drinks, alcohol, the excessive coffee consumption and the heavy meals, overload the liver function. The carbonhydrates and other metabolic disturbance, over weight, increased fats in the blood, leads to fatty liver. Initially indigestion, heavy feeling in the stomach after meal, triedness, diarrhea or constipation, brown spot or rushes in the skin can occur.

The smart person will start to deal with the problem, before there is any disease of it, he will not wait for the blood laboratory, abnormalities of liver enzymes, or liver ultrasound detectable changes.

The aim of liver detoxication is:

To release the toxines deposited in the liver. The liver detoxication in our institute is controlled by doctors and traiend halth care professional. Instead of the classical oil drinking, the patient consumes medicated ghi in the first two days of preparation period, this is increasing the production of the bile and has a vasoprotective and antioxidant effect.
On the day of cleansing the patient gets oliy ghi, and herbal teas which helps the biliary excretion and delutes the bile. This way the toxic material dissolvable by bile will leave with the stool or diarreha.
External we use healing procedures like, steam therapy, stomach massage, herbal compress on the abdoman, to increase the puriring effect. We support the liver function with hepatoprotective, digestion improoving and antioxidant herbal tees and and herbal medicines. To reach the best effect vegetarian light diet is added.
On the fifth day of the treatment, we take the resuide bile acids from the intestine with herbal enema. After the cleansing, digestion problems bettern, we feel lighter, fresher, the color of the skin becomes healthier. We suggest special diet for one month after the cleansing.
The liver detox program is done in Calendula Medical and Ayurvedic institutes. 

The 5 days program contains:

Everyday Doctors/ Phytotherapist contorll (individual suggestion of treatments) every day 4 hour program (yoga and ayurvedic therapy), cleansing, accomodation and vegetarian full board.
The program can be started in the fixed dates. Please ask our pesonal for futrher information!