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  • 7days Taichi worksop in Siófok and demo classes!
04 Apr 2018

7days Taichi worksop in Siófok and demo classes!

 In the organisation of CLINIC Calendula we would like to invite you for the following programs


Common practice in Siófok - Introduce Vietnam Taichi

Date: 28.05.2018  6pm 

Place: Hotel Magistern Big room, Siófok, Beszédes József sétány 72, 8600



Common practice in Budapest - Introduce Vietnam Taichi


Date: 31.05.2018 7pm

Place: ASIA CENTER, 1152 Budapest, Szentmihalyi ut 167 - 169 , 

Training room on the B side, 2ndfloor, room nr. 13 


Entree free! 

7days Taichi worksop in Siófok! 

Information: www.calendula.hu 



7days TAICI workshop in CALENDULA clinic, Siófok 

with Nguyen Ngoc Dung – vietnameese thai-chi big master whos is director and founder of Tham Ki Viet Thai Chi Institute

 FROM 4th - 10st of JUNE, 2018 


 A few words about the master: He has been studying and practicing Qigong from 1981, same way Tai Chi, Mediation and Yoga. From 1993 up to now, he has been involved in founding and setting up many centers, institutes of applied research, academy of public health sciences, yoga, Taichi, meditation, Practice and teach for hundreds of thousands of people in Vietnam and abroad, both online and in person. He has contributed to the practice of traditional martial arts, when he was teaching Taichi, meditation courses at universities in Vietnam: Thang Long University, Hanoi University of Business and Technology, Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy He teaches many national and international organizations specialized in the fields of yoga, qigong, meditation, Taichi; Yoga, Exercise therapy, Massage acupressure.


- What is Taichi ? 

It’s movement meditation for body and soul. Traditional chineese medicien says, the slow movement of taichi and its strechinig and turning movement are relaxing and stress solwing. It is balancing the inner flow of energies, the chi. The free flow of chi is essential to restore the health of the people. 

Taichi can be practiced by any age, old and sick people same way like young and stron ones. 


Daily program: 


18.00-20.00: thai-chi practice


Workshop topic: 


  1. day: Instroduce Vietnam Taichi, Tamkhiviet Academy, the effect of Qicong, preform some thai- chi exercise
  2. day: Basic body movement
  3. day: Basic Taichi - Qicong TamkhiViet
  4. day: Taichi Bach Xa Quyen, Meditation and Breathing
  5. day: Therapeutic postures
  6. day: Basic Taichi Nourishing, breathing exercise
  7. day: Qicong Bat doan cam exercise. Some special movement for neck, shoulder pain. Basic kowledge of meditation, static and movement meditation.


Price: 17 €

We looking forward to welcome all the voulenteers! 




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Address: 8600 Siófok, Kende u. 2.

Phone: +36 84330754

E-mail: zita.molnar@calendula.hu