The ancient Ayurvedic medical system is more than 5000 years old. Its therapies and practices, particularly the so-called Panchakarma cleansing therapy is the most effective method today in the treatment and prevention of pathologies since they aim at identifying and eliminating the causes of diseases.


5 reasons to do Panchakarma


1.     To clean the body from accumulated toxins and poisons.

2.     To restore the metabolism the dysfunction of which may lead to the development of a variety of diseases.

3.     To activate the natural protective functions of the body and to strengthen the immune system.

4.     To rejuvenate the body on the cellular level.

5.     To harmonize the physical and mental state of the patient and to eliminate the influence of stress factors in the environment.


The program of classical Panchakarma at CALENDULA clinic includes the following:

  • Consultations with specialist and continuous supervision by physicians;
  • Ayurvedic hygiene;
  • Meditation (prayer);
  • Ayurvedic treatments (2 hours per day);
  • Balneotherapy;
  • Yoga and pranayama (2-3 hours per day);
  • FB (Ayurvedic food – fresh, warm vegetarian meals);
  • Walking and relaxation;
  • Nursing support 24/7.




5:30 – Wake-up (Brahma muhurta), morning hygienic procedures: cleaning of the tongue and ears, nasal rinse, mouthwash, ablution of the body, prayer (meditation)


6:30 – Pranayama


7:00 – Morning walk, pre-meal medication intake


8:00 – Ayurvedic breakfast, followed by medication intake


9:00 - 13:00 – Doctor's visit, ayurvedic therapy (2 hours) / yoga class (2 hours) / balneotherapy (40 minutes) every second day/ free time*


13:00 - 14:00 – Ayurvedic lunch, walk, followed by medication intake


14:00 - 18:00 – Ayurvedic therapy (2 hours) / yoga class (2 hours) / balneotherapy (40 minutes) every second day / free time*


18:00 - 19:00 – Ayurvedic dinner, evening walk


20:00 – Evening medication intake, preparation for sleep


21:00 – Sleeping


*3 patients have Ayurvedic therapy (2 hours), other patients do yoga for, two hours and have a balneotherapy procedure (40 minutes) every second day.






Apartment in a wooden house


  • Free Wi-Fi;
  • Daily cleaning;
  • Bed linen and toiletries;
  • Bathrobe and towels;
  • Free parking;
  • Satellite television.




  • Modern comfortable furniture;
  • Air conditioning;
  • Hair dryer;
  • LCD TV.



Our staff speak 5 languages: English, Hungarian, Russian, Ukrainian and German.


Booking and payment conditions:

• A deposit of 30% is required;

• Mode of payment: cash or credit card.


If you need any advice, please contact the clinic manager at CALENDULA., +36 84 330754





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