When we are talking about health, everyone says about body problems and medicine which can help us. But, indeed, health means more than just state of body.It’s obvious that a man is more than material form. Healing system that takes into account only the structure and activity of the physical body can not completely heal the man. 

Ayurveda involves not only medical attitude to health problems. It is a complete life phylosophy. It combines material and spiritual world of the people, which can be sensed by us mentally and physically. According to Ayurveda, intangible components of our life – consciousness, mind, thoughts and emotions – animate its dense appearance. 

Ayurveda consideres ayu or life as a system of four aspects, such as atma (soul), manas (mind), indryi (feelings) and sharir (body). Each of these four aspects has its own function and contributes in something we call life. Ayurveda is called to balance these four elements. Physical, mental and emotional disbalance appears when intangible and tangible are confused.
In order to understand subjective sides of personal nature better, you should feel them with your sensitive perseption. Ayurveda is observing system of Universe, so as to sum up principles, a man lives due to. 

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