End of the year recharge program in CALENDULA!

Recharge your body and soul in 7-12 days program to start the new year fresh and energetic.

Aim: Relaxation of body and soul, restoration of energies, practising of healthy lifestyle.

Program includes:

• 1 x ayurvedic chek- up on the 1st day to prescribe ayurvedic therapies.
• 1 x 90-min Ayurvedic therapies (e.g.: Abhyanga, Potli, Vasti, Nasya, Gandusha, Svedana, Shirodhara therapy);
• 1 x 20 min Cleopatra beauty bath for women and relax- energy bath for mens 
• 2 x 90-min movement therapy, healing gymnastics and yoga
• 1x 30 min salt room for cleansing of respiratory system
• Healthy energising kitchen (meet free) 3 main meals+ snack bar


The special price per one day including the therapies and meals is EUR 130/person.


Accommodation is extra charge.
The offer is valid from 1. December to 7th of January!

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