30 Aug 2016

Classic Panchakarma in CALENDULA clinic

Panchakarma provides for the elimination of toxic waste and materials at the cell level.

01 Apr 2015

Calendula Ayurvedic and Medical Hotel ★★★★ has opened its doors!

Novel services, luxurious environment and a warm welcome await all our guests who wish to recover, regenerate or prevent health problems.

07 Mar 2014

5 days liver detox program with Ayurveda!

Our largest detoxification organ is the liver. To maintain the normal function of the liver healthy diet is suggested. In addition to the diet, it is recommended to do regular detoxication.

04 Aug 2014

Prevention of arteriosclerosis and tumorous diseases!

Vitalizing, ayurvedic therapeutic program combined with vitamin infusions for strengthening the immune system and prevention of illness and arteriosclerosis! From September on at the Calendula clinic!