Panchakarma is a series of treatments that activate the natural detoxification and rejuvenating processes of the human body and at the same time they eliminate the causes of diseases.  


Panchakarma is one of the most important elements of the Ayurvedic healing system which consists of treatments and procedures that influence the organism in the gentlest possible way activating the self-healing mechanism of the body. The human body has its own self-healing and self-cleansing mechanisms but as a result of today's stressful and hurried lifestyle and poor, irregular eating habits, the body alone cannot cope with the high amount of toxic material we accumulate. The toxins stored in the body block the revival of the cells, lower its immunity, vitality and ojas (Sanskrit term meaning vigour) and reduce its resistance against external negative effects. 


Panchakarma provides for the elimination of toxic waste and materials at the cell level.


Panchakarma is recommended in case of the following conditions:


Asthma and bronchitis;



Gastritis and colitis;

Rheumatoid arthritis;


Neurological disorders;

Cardiologic problems;

Vascular diseases;

Liver diseases;

Urinary problems;


Gyneacological conditions;

Chronic diseases.


Preparatory stage:


To ensure that each treatment of Panchakarma is successful, the body needs to be prepared for the elimination of toxic materials (including the release of toxins stored in the cells and tissues). This is achieved through the following two therapies: 

Internal oleation of the body through the consumption of ghee through the mouth and herbal massages (Snehana Karma)

Herbal sweat therapy (Swedana Karma);





Five main steps in purification 


The preparatory treatments are followed by the cleansing of the body in the following five steps:

VAMANA – a therapy that aims to remove the mucus from the paranasal sinuses, the stomach and the lungs with the help of herbal concoctions and through the cleansing of mucus and bile.   

VIRICHINA –.a purgation therapy to remove the bile with the help of laxative. 

VASTI –a purification treatment based on the induction of herbal medicinal decoctions and oils in the intestinal tract which leads to the removal of accumulated toxins and the regeneration of the intestines.

 NASYA –a therapy that involves the instillation of medicinal oils or concoctions through the nostrils which cleanse the sinuses and improves concentration. 

RAKTA MOKSHA – a blood letting process (in case it is needed).


The 5 keys to successful Panchakarma


The primary condition of a successful Panchakarma therapy is the appropriate environment:


1. Precise diagnosis – Ayurvedic doctors shall have the necessary knowledge which enables them to understand and diagnose the reasons behind the imbalance of doshas and thus recommend the appropriate treatments. 


2. Peaceful, relaxed state - Panchakarma requires a calm, undisturbed environment free of stress and excitement. 


3. Proper diet - it is imperative that you do not eat excess food but only the amount your body needs. With regard to quality, you should consume only those types of food that has a heating power and does not put any additional load on the body, especially by leading to their synthesis with proteins, bile and mucus. 


4. Yoga therapy - Yoga improves the efficiency of Panchakarma through performing breathing exercises, practicing Asanas and meditation. 


5. Medical supervision - Throughout the treatment medical supervision shall be ensured. 




The length of the therapeutic program is normally 21 days to reach maximum effect but 7- and 14-day programs are also available depending on how healthy t lifestyle of the patient has been prior to the treatment. 


Major Panchakarma treatments


Snehana, Swedana, Nasya, Vamana, Virichina, Vasti, Rakta-moksa, Abhayanga, Shirodhara, Pinda Sweda, Sarvangadhara, Katibasti, Shirovasti, Pichizhil, Uzhichil, Elekizhi, Nayvarakizhi, Urovasti, Dhayakizhi, Narangakizhi, Dasamulakshira Dhara, etc..




"Here the patient also needs to be willing to recover, you have to participate in the process and share the intention of those feeding you, massaging you and taking care of you in every possible way to restore your health.

Each staff member works hard and in unison to clean your body and mind in an effort to open the door for your full recovery. They act out of love and with the strong intention of healing you. I just cannot find the right words to express my deep appreciation for the power patients receive from each and every colleague at Calendula who does their best to ease your aches and pains and improve not only your physical condition but your whole life. It does make a difference when the people taking care of you are whole-heartedly committed to their profession instead of working only for a salary. Hence, you experience unparalleled results."




"Dear Everyone,


It was about ten years ago that I came across the teachings and treatments offered by Ayurveda and that encounter took place within the walls of the Calendula Clinic. To be honest, I was highly sceptical at the time for two main reasons.


First of all, back then alternative, eastern medicine was lesser known than it is today. Secondly, here in Central Europe most people only know the methods of Western sciences so they are quite far removed from the ideas and approaches of traditional healing methods. The latter is in fact the one that primarily aims to discover the reasons behind diseases and then tries to alleviate the problem through specific complex therapies. Of course, this had all appeared to me to be some medical mumbo jumbo until I met Dr Dmitrij Szkopincev in person. By the time we met, I had got into a health condition which seemed to be impossible to change and Ayurveda was just the last desperate try in the hope of a very unlikely recovery. Based on my experience, this is what usually happens to many people, they only use this method as the last resort. However, it could be much more effective and cheaper if we used it for prevention…

It is of course needless to say that Ayurveda is not the plaster for all sores. The advice I can offer is that before the start of the therapy or even prior to the first consultation it is a good idea to do some reading on this more than four-thousand-year-old medicine. That will make us more open to accept the treatments and instructions prescribed by the physician. I know it is a cliché to underline the role of positive attitude and thinking but in this case it may mean a world of difference on the way of recovery. Like everything else, our health also depends on what we have in our heads. These treatments do not replace modern medical diagnoses and sometimes they require the combined use of modern and traditional methods.  

I could also go on about the cosy atmosphere, the kindness of staff members let alone physicians who are more than willing to offer help in basically any matter. And a separate chapter could be dedicated to the fantastic kitchen as well. I am deeply indebted to the doctor and each of his colleagues who have made my life years longer than I had expected.  Hereby I would like to wish them many more full recoveries of patients, they definitely deserve it."  




"Calendula Clinic is a truly patient-oriented institute where each person receives a treatment tailored to his or her individual needs and each patient receives the same care and effort. 

Even the walls permeate an extremely strong intention to heal and every team member transmits a similarly positive, helping power. The Clinic is the centre of both ancient natural healing methods and modern medical science and technology. This twofold approach makes a strong combination that can cure almost anything. This of course does not mean that the patient just leans back casually waiting for miracles to happen. They need to take their active share in the treatments, they are supposed to work hard and fully identify with the therapies and they need to be ready to accept the help they are offered. I spent three weeks at the clinic, I had a wonderful time and left as a different person, rejuvenated both in body and mind."

Antónia BÁLINT 



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