Sometimes the sick person does not have time, perhaps enough funds, or maybe other factors hinder him or her to access complex treatment, to discover the source of their illness. Unfortunately, the patient often lacks the money but not the motivation to be treated . But there is help. Namely, a targeted treatment for a particular disease. Of course, in this case, there is no complex cleansing therapy, yet the targeted treatment can focus on the condition itself thus preventing it from getting worse or causing other related problems.


We have more than twenty years experience, and can call on varied treatments to tackle conditions including locomotor or spine diseases, slipped discs, discopathy, diseases that cause pain, spasm and motion restriction.  DOULITH therapy, acupuncture, manual manipulation and spa therapy, are all targeted therapies that can be utilised  to improve and/or remedy the patient's condition.  We can achive good results with these treatments and improve an individual's quality of life.


Targeted therapy is also effective in the treatment of hypertension; persistent, severe muscle pain; and cramps and headaches. Phytotherapy is an effective complement to these treatments. Various herbal products can be taken in such a way that certain, important physiological process are restored to their optimum functioning. The patient can show significant improvement with these two combined treatments. Our work is primarily to heal our patients, but of course our main goal is to send our clients home well and with the knowledge to maintain their health. To achieve this goal we recommend  complex treatments. When this is not possible, we can always find a way to help our patients. We teach our patients certain techniques such as breathing, massage and other practices,  so that treatment can continue at home. Besides this there always the opportunity to avail of medical consultations. We do not abandon those people who turn to us.
Trageted treatments are available at our clinics throughout the country, for example in our centre in Siofok, or in our outpatient clinic in Budapest, and in Hotel Silvanus, Visegrad, where in addition to targeted therapies patients can also enjoy the wellness facilities. We also welcome patients in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine and in Riga, Latvia's capital.

Targeted treatments and medical consultations are available at all our clinics


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