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  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis and tumorous diseases!
04 Aug 2014

Prevention of arteriosclerosis and tumorous diseases!

Vitalizing, ayurvedic therapeutic program combined with vitamin infusions for strengthening the immune system and prevention of illness and arteriosclerosis! From September on at the Calendula clinic!

Recommended for people:

•Who feel themselves depressed and exhausted 
•Whose immune system became weaker 
•Who are liable to infections and viruses 
•Who often get sick 
•In whose family arteriosclerosis had already occurred 
•Of low stress tolerance level 
•Of slackened performance 
•Wishing to recover after a passed off illness 
•In whose family tumorous disease had already occurred


In the ayurveda, the enhancement of agni plays a key role. Agni is the fire in the organism, responsible for digestion, metabolism and resistance to illnesses. Due to stress and improper way of life we are living in, agni decreases, the immune system gets confused and our resistiveness to illnesses diminishes. In order to strengthen our immune system in autumnal months we have to enhance agni and ojas which relate to vital force and resistiveness. For this purpose, we use a number of ayurvedic treatments and yoga therapies. Besides all these, high doses of vitamin C and other vitamins prescribed by the doctor, especially when administered via infusion, not only give a big jolt to our immune system in order to combat actual infections proliferating in autumn but also help in preventing the development of resistance to antibiotics or even to eliminate it. Ayurvedic pharmacology (phytotherapy) constitutes an enormous part of the ayurvedic medication. As a part of ayurveda, we use Rassayana treatment in the course of which plants activating enzyme and cell metabolism are applied. These enhance the formation of new cells and tissues, improve memory and intellect, and intensify immunity. 

Program includes:

Daily doctor’s visit, all-day long individually tailored phototherapeutic and ayurvedic treatments, yoga therapy, administration of infusions, accommodation in single or double bedroom and vegetarian, cell-nourishing meals three times a day.

Program prices:

4-day program in double bedroom:  870 Euro
4-day program in single bedroom:  1000 Euro
7-day program in double bedroom: 1520 Euro – 10% discount: 1370 Euro
7-day program in single bedroom:  1750 Euro – 10% discount: 1575 Euro