CALENDULA Ayurvedic Medical Clinic is among the leading European medical centers; we combined here Eastern therapeutic systems with modern Western medical technology.

Recovery in one of the most picturesque quarters of Europe at lake Balaton, individual programs of treatment and prevention, rejuvenation and rehabilitation, comprehensive diagnostics – all methods are aimed at identifying and eliminating the root cause of the disease.

Physicians in our clinic successfully treat metabolic disorders (metabolic syndrome, diabetes), disorders of the autonomic nervous system and musculoskeletal system, allergies, effects of stress, chronic conditions, etc.

Treatment process is based on an Ayurveda therapeutic part called Panchakarma for cleansing the body at the cellular level. Authentic Ayurvedic massages and procedures are provided by therapists from India.

Phytotherapy is an integral part of treatment. The clinic has its own laboratory, where medicines are made with the use of more than 2,500 herbs and minerals, according to the recipes of Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Arabic medicine. Each phyto formula is designed to solve a specific patient’s problem.

The clinic consists of 3 buildings with hotel rooms of different categories (VIP, De Lux, Standard, etc.) with a total of 27 rooms. The therapeutic department of the main building includes seven consulting and diagnostic rooms equipped with modern equipment, ten massage rooms where manual and Ayurvedic therapies are performed, five medical steam chambers, a salt chamber, and a spacious yoga room. The Clinic’s restaurant serves exquisite vegetarian cuisine, including dietetic dishes by prescription. A mini-library and a range of supplemental services are available to patients.

Individual approach to treatment, comfort and service, exquisite vegetarian cuisine, and a hospitable atmosphere are the principles of the СALENDULA Clinic for 30 years.

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