For three decades of successful practice and research, our “CALENDULA method” has been synthesized in our clinic, it combines innovations of Western medicine, holistic approach of Eastern medical systems, herbal medicine, and author’s developments by the Chief Physician Dr. Dmitry Skopintsev.

Philosophy  Patient is the Lord God’s creation, and we serve him. There is no one recipe for everyone in the world: so many people, so many diseases. We can only achieve results through an individual approach in the selection of therapies and procedures, personalized manufacture of drugs, quality service, and comfort.

Consultations Personal contact of the doctor with the patient is the first step to the beginning of the cure. The primary task of the doctor is to make a correct diagnosis of the patient’s state, to appoint a correct course of therapy. For this purpose, methods of Ayurvedic and traditional Western diagnostics are used: survey, examination, pulse diagnostics, laboratory and hardware diagnostics. Duration of the initial consultation is 40-45 minutes. Control examinations are carried out daily.

Modern diagnostic base Innovative medical examinations combined with the diagnostic methods of alternative medical systems allow doctors to accurately determine the current state of the patient, and to prescribe the necessary treatment in a timely manner. It is possible to conduct a full set of laboratory tests on the basis of the Clinic. If necessary, assistance is provided in the organization of high-precision computer and X-ray examinations.

Integrated Programs The Course of treatment includes all the necessary therapy for a particular patient. The programs are designed in such a way as to quickly activate the body’s natural protective and self-healing functions. The complex of procedures is aimed at eliminating the symptoms and causes of their occurrence. Every day, the patients receive an individual therapy schedule according to the daily cycles and individual characteristics of the patient.

Ayurveda therapies Ayurveda is the oldest philosophical and medical system that gave an idea of man and his body as the universe. It does not separate body and soul, so the treatment is aimed at harmonizing the physical, mental and spiritual levels. A distinctive feature of Ayurvedic medicine is the impact on the root cause of the disease. It can be revealed by accumulated knowledge of Ayurvedic science about the relationship of the psyche with certain organs and their systems, as well as by procedures for deep cleansing of the body. Distinctive features of Ayurvedic medicine: diagnosis of diseases in the early stages; natural and physiological therapies; holistic approach – healing of body and soul.

Panchakarma is a sequential process of removal of toxins from the body. Cleansing is conducted at the cellular level: special therapies with the use of vegetable oils and ghee allow to bind fat-soluble toxins within cells and to transform them into water-soluble compounds with the help of biochemical reactions to be excreted without much difficulty. The cells, restore the metabolism and functionality in the purified environment.  The state of the whole body is improved, a natural rejuvenation takes place. In our clinic, Panchakarma is the basis for the treatment of most diseases, including disorders of the musculoskeletal system. In 2003, Ayurvedic cleansing therapy was recommended by WHO as the most effective prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) dates back to 3000 years. In TCM, a man is a part of nature and an organically whole, in which the main place is occupied by dense and hollow organs, and the Meridian system provides energy communications. All phenomena in Nature are interpreted by the interactions of two principles – female Yin and male Yang, opposite aspects of a single reality. The occurrence of the disease is associated with a violation of the circulation of Qi vital energy and a Yin and Yang imbalance. The cause of such violations can be both external – time, weather, location, and internal factors – feelings and emotions. The methods used in the treatment include acupuncture, moxa therapy, herbal medicine, massages, Tai Chi (Qigong) therapeutic gymnastics.

Own-produced phyto preparations Phytotherapy is an integral part of treatment. The clinic has its own laboratory, where medicinal herbal formulas are made according to ancient Ayurvedic formulations, as well as formulations of Chinese and Arabic medicine. With the prescription of well-known Ayurveda and TCM medicinal phyto formulas to patients, individual medicines are also developed for them. At the end of the course of treatment in the Clinic, the patient continues the course of prescribed herbal medicine.

Healthy Lifestyle CALENDULA Specialists live a healthy lifestyle, adhere to the principles of vegetarianism. They conduct educational projects both in the Clinic and abroad, participate in international exhibitions and conferences. They provide support after the end of treatment in the Clinic, as well as remotely advise on the administration of herbal medicines and the extension of the course of herbal medicine. Each patient receives recommendations on lifestyle and individual diet, according to their organic type.

The uniqueness of CALENDULA programs is a holistic approach to patient treatment, personalized selection of therapies and herbal medicines.

CALENDULA Clinic provides:

  • development of an individual program of treatment, rehabilitation or cure,
  • comprehensive diagnosis and treatment aimed at eliminating the root cause of the disease,
  • staff responsibility, 24/7 support,
  • location in a picturesque quarter of Europe, in an ecologically clean area,
  • information support and counselling before and after therapy.
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