Our story contains, first of all, thousands of real stories of recovery of patients from all over the world, as well, it is a vivid example of how friendship, dedication to the profession and a sincere desire to help people can achieve success.

In June 1991, we registered a company called Calendula in Hungary. At that time, we had only ideas to conduct training in herbal medicine, massage techniques and, looking ahead, to create a clinic where the practices of different medical systems would be integrated into Protocol medicine.

Training is an integral factor in the development of any enterprise. And this is especially important in medicine. Medicine is nothing but a war against diseases, and when you go into battle you must have well-trained soldiers. Patient care is a huge responsibility you have to be prepared for.  We created a school where we taught healthy lifestyle skills, energy practices, basics of herbal medicine, vegetarian nutrition system. The students were people obsessed with the desire to heal. At that time, some of them had no medical education, but later they studied anatomy, physiology, herbal medicine, received special diplomas, and became the closest friends and associates. We are together to this day. Thanks to Bede Pálma (Director of Calendula Bt.), Ilona Kollar (founder of phyto laboratory at Сalendula Pharma Co.), and other colleagues in the office of neurologist Dmitry Skopintsev turned into CALENDULA Clinic.

Every new patient set us a new task. People frequently contact us after a course of treatment: the pain hasn’t gone away, the problem hasn’t been solved, you’re being asked to help – what to do? The answer is one: search and find a solution!

In search of answers, we turned to the experience of ancient physicians. In the Ancient centuries and in the Middle Ages, there was no high-precision technology, but diseases were diagnosed and treated. Hippocrates, Galen, Avicenna, Charaka left a huge heritage for the development of medicine. Having our own experience and practice, we took into account the holistic approach of doctors of the past centuries. We came to Ayurveda after having studied the” Canon of medical science” by Avicenna, the “Canon of the Yellow Emperor on the Inner” or “Huangdi Nei Jing”, the “Charaka-Samhita” by Ayurveda practitioner Charaka, having met many professionals and teachers in different countries who gave not just valuable knowledge, but pointed the way. Our good luck and happiness were that the most ancient medical science and philosophy opened its knowledge to us and let us in. Over the years, we have traveled to India to learn and share experiences. And it so happened that we were the first in Hungary to open a medical center, where Ayurvedic therapies are conducted by specialists from the Indian state of Kerala, the birthplace of Ayurveda.

In order to reproduce phyto preparations described in ancient treatises, we went for the herbs in the middle East. And we found there we were looking for – we brought about 800 plants. Having made medicines for patients, we were convinced of the effectiveness of phyto preparations. The results were inspiring! It was the beginning of our own phyto laboratory Calendula Pharma Co., where today more than 1500 phyto formulas are produced.

Initially, CALENDULA Clinic was specialized in the treatment of disorders of the musculoskeletal system with the help of massages, reflexology, herbal medicine, medical methods. Supplementing the treatment with Ayurvedic procedures of Panchakarma (purifying of the body), we observed improvement not only in the state of spine, joints, and muscles, but in other parameters, as well. The patients who suffered from metabolic disorders such as obesity, high blood sugar and cholesterol levels, showed restoration of metabolism; their weight was normalized, blood rheological properties were improved, etc.

Today we treat metabolic disorders, disorders of musculoskeletal system, gastrointestinal tract, allergies, chronic conditions, diseases of neuro-endocrine, nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems (learn more on other pages of our website).

Initially, we built the clinic on the principle of an Ashram, where the cure takes place on physical and mental levels, where everyone understands and realizes the cause of the disease, acquires the skills of a healthy lifestyle and thinking. We have repeatedly witnessed a so-called miracle – a miracle of healing, a miracle of birth, a miracle of help. This is due to deep faith, patronage of spiritual guides and trust of our patients.

Until 2015, we had a medical center where we could admit up to 20 patients at a time. Today we can accommodate 45 patients: we have three buildings with different living conditions – classic Ayurvedic clinic, New clinic, ECO-house; as well, we have CALENDULA Wellness centre in Budapest. Thanks to the support of the European Union and the help of our close friends in 2012, we received funds for the construction of a medical complex with a room supply of 4*. In 2018, the status of our medical hotel was confirmed by the Certification Commission of the Hotels & Restaurants Centre. It should be noted that the new building was built by using environmentally friendly technology and materials, the architecture of the building was created according to the rules of Vastu Shastra, the ancient Vedic science of designing and building in harmony with Nature.

Every day, we continue to learn, innovate in the field of medicine, combine them with the developments of alternative medical systems, and develop our own treatment methods. Our specialists deliver consultations and lectures in different European countries, participate in educational projects and international conferences. And our story is going on!

Founders and Managers of CALENDULA Clinic

Palma Bede, Founder, Director of Budapest Clinic Department

Dr. Dmitry Skopintsev, Founder, Chief Physician and Director of the Clinic

Ilona Kollar, Founder and Honorary Director of Calendula Pharma Co.

Zita Molnar, Chief Executive of Calendula Bt., Marketing Manager

Evgeny Skopintsev, Co-founder and CFO of the Group of Companies

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