Dr. Dmitry Skopintsev, Founder and Chief Physician of CALENDULA Clinic

In 1991, kindred spirit, close associates and friends met, such people, can meet but once in a lifetime. All of them were united by the same desire: to treat and cure. Each of us was able to provide certain medical services to conduct therapies. But we wanted more than just to engage in protocol activities. Thus, a new idea started up.

The first thing we did was accept the patient as the object of our devotion. Second, we turned to nature and borrowed its gifts that the Creator created for healing. We are not the first who followed this way: thousands of years ago, Vedic sages interpreted knowledge received by them into Ayurveda, or “the science of life” (in Sanskrit “Ayu” means “life”, “Veda” means “knowledge”). Our task was to find necessary plants, turn them into medicines and administer them to the patient with love.

30 years have passed, and today CALENDULA clinic has its own phyto laboratory, where plants and minerals from all over the planet are collected. We produce medicines according to the Ayurveda, traditional Chinese and Unani recipes, adapt them to modern physiological features, and make herbal compositions for patients on an individual basis.

The treatment process in the clinic combines modern scientific techniques with Ayurvedic therapies and other Eastern treatment practices. We use different medical innovations, including intra-articular injections of collagen, plasma therapy for restoring the musculoskeletal system, reflexology, and balneotherapy. We have always been open to new technology and proprietary technology, with the help of which we have learned how to solve complex health problems.

No secret that most diseases originate in the human mind. It is consciousness that is still terra incognita in medicine. We, physicians, have learned how to increase the amount of serotonin and dopamine in the fight against depression and other mental disorders, but in most cases, it does not solve health problems. Influence on the consciousness presupposes the creation of a certain harmony of life, a clear direction or a path to be followed by the patient for recovery through changing views on the attitude to nature, on the disease, stress, and nutrition. It is necessary to keep a proper daily routine and a healthy lifestyle. As soon as these conditions are met, human consciousness changes together with the restoration of physiological processes in the body.
For us, everyone is a Teacher. We are waiting not for a patient, a guest or a client, but for a new Teacher who will make us learn and understand the cause of his or her disease, and find a cure. Therefore, we are not afraid of complex pathologies.

CALENDULA Clinic passed through different stages of its development, ranging from rigid austerity of living conditions and the daily regimen, and to exclusive well-being. I can’t tell which is better and which is worse. A person exhausted by illness needs special comfortable conditions, while a person spoiled by society, on the contrary, requires asceticism in treatment. We have everything to ensure that the treatment process is as effective as possible for everyone who seeks our help.

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