5 secrets of a truly high achiever

We often wish happiness to each other, but in fact, in most cases we do not even understand what happiness means. Sometimes we think that “happiness” meaning equals to some material values or can’t describe it at all. That’s why we live in a world of dreams and expectations. Funny thing: you can wait whole your life for something (when your dreams come true, when some events would happen) and never realize that you are a truly happy person in very deed! 

Happiness comes with…

…exciting life-work that inspires you

While thinking about happiness, let’s describe the things that surround us every day. Home, work, family, friends — those things are the key points of our life, the answers to all our questions. My first advice: do the things you love, the things you do well and the things that motivate you. When I ask a person about his hobby and he answers that his work and hobby are the same things, so all-in-one, I can be sure that I see a happy man.

We spend the most of our lives at work. We put our physical, psychical and mental energy back into working processes, creating an energetic channel. If you are inside this channel, the amazing things happen: the more you put out energies, the more power and inspiration you get back. And this is meant as the opportunity for the second happiness level formation — you begin bringing your positive energy home and share your power with close people.

…family hearth

We spend less time at home. However, home is the place where our soulmates, parents and children are waiting for our attention. Any relationship looks like a tree: it’s not enough to plant a seedling, you need to take care of it — otherwise, it will wither away. In order to take care about your relationships, you need the power and energy that are centered in the energetic channel you have. If you feel the relationships with your wife or husband with energy, bring peace, love, respect and friendly atmosphere to your family hearth, you could be named as the happy man, a truly happy family man. Our congratulations, it is amazing!

…friends who help and inspire

However, we can’t limit ourselves to the family only. Why? Because God created women and men, and each sex has its egregors. It is regardless of whether we want it or not – all people have their energy fields. All we are centered in our energy fields. That is why we need friends and like-minded people to create another level of relationships – the friendship that should be growing within the energy and power will be gained. So to keep the friendship, we need energy. Our family relations could be considered as the main source of the energy for friendship development. If you are not happy with your soulmates or children, you won’t be able to bring something good to your friends.

Sincere friendship is based on the kindness to people. Communicating with friends, you share with some experience, memories and emotions. New ideas for your work, your inspiration are created here too. And here is the full energy circle appears that fulfills, inspires, improves the level of life. Those who managed to bring up the energy circle and do not break off it – they are happy people, the higher achievers for sure.

When someone works for the for the good of society, he will never live in misery. The higher your ideas are, the more people you want to help – the more you will receive back. Your success is when not only sacred angels and heaven powers help you but your friends help here, on the Earth, in your everyday life. Everything else is just an illusion of success.

…destiny that rises

There is no easy road that leads to success. This way is evolutionary with obligatory grade-up. If you have ever visited Egypt, you might have tried to climb Mount Sinai to see the sunrise. Thousands of people decide to go there, but less a hundred ones reach the top. It’s cold and dark there, but after a while, the sun appears and beaming, the whole Sinai Peninsula becomes shiny — the view becomes absolutely amazing. You can compare your life to Mount Sinai. The way up is unpredictable. The more decent man is, the harder his path is meant. But in this case this person is closer to the top. If you decided to start your summit ascent, you should not have any idea to go back. The planet moves as everything changes around us: you stopped today — and tomorrow you would find yourself in another place. The earth makes a new round, so the place, time and circumstances will change.

There may be lots of traps on your way up. For example, if you are walking for a few days and feel that it is too easy for you, do not think that life is good and do not feel too enthusiastic. In fact, it means that you are going nowhere or even rolling down. A rapid success creates a wrong illusion. Whatever points you reach, it is important to assess each current situation.

… taking and giving

Most people think that happiness is about wealth.
But what is money? It is an energy that was created and right now has taken a form of material things – coins or notes. You need to know how to spend it. If you get caught up in the financial energy stream and you have no idea how to manage it, you will be ripped to shreds. Remember: money is not the main purpose of human life – the work that is rewarded in different ways is most important.