6 ways to cope with of headache and backache

Practically everybody feels headache or backache. And it is often not just symptoms – it is the chronicity. Is it worth suffering the pain instead of living a full-fledged life? Moreover, there are different techniques that are able to full remedy both symptoms and the reasons of the diseases. The Ayurvedic doctor Pavel Bigori tells about it more detailed. 


This type of therapy is called “treatment by the movement”. The main idea is the performance of physical exercises with help of special simulators (the machines with functions of anti-gravitation and resistance). The kinesitherapy is effective in treatment of headaches of tension. While psycho-emotional overloads take place, there are a spasm of head muscles and blood congestion. Because of these reasons the sensation of heaviness in head appears. After special movements performance the blood circulation improves. The blood outflow from the head to case muscles is achieved. All these cause health gagging.


This therapy is optimal as in treatment of vascular headaches and migraines. The pain syndromes in loins, cervical zone are also treated with relax-therapy. This method includes several methods of treatment:

    • acupressure – point-done pressure with fingers or special tools;
    • acupuncture and micro acupuncture;
    • moxa therapy – warming up by wormwood cigars;
    • feet massage, etc.

The doctor selects therapy, depending on the individual requirements of the patient’s organism and the state of his health. Right the first session will present the feeling of release.

Postisometric relaxation

One of the safest methods of manual therapy. The post-isometric relaxation is noticeable with positive effect for the injured (movement-limited) joints and spasmus muscles. The procedure backs out the organic in nature physiological activity to different body parts. It is possible with help of first strain and relaxation after. The post-isometric relaxation can be carried out at sharp pain syndromes in cervical and vertebral, chest, lumbar and sacral zones of the back.


The phytogenic medicines improve cartilaginous tissue and spinal joints with help of their qualitative nourishment. The process also strengthens vessels, purifies blood and also settles the nerves and removes muscular spasms. Phytotherapy has a positive effect on the state of health in general. The doctor appoints the procedures having defined the reasons of indisposition. It should be noted that herbal medicinal products contain natural herbs which do not cause any kind of accustoming, the plant-based preparation have accumulative effect and the prolonged action.

Ayurvedic massages

The arsenal of one of the most ancient medical systems contains a set of the effective methods that are able to remove all the causes of a pain syndrome. All spinal defects could be treated with help of qualitative massage (it could be both warming or relaxing one). For example, Abhyanga-massage helps to kill different painful diseases. The real headache killer is marma-massage with the effective action that is similar to methods of the Chinese reflexotherapy. Depending on the patient’s constitution type, Ayurvedic specialists define the most effective type of therapy. Ayurveda massages can be often added with the special warming-up procedures. Vasti-procedures is of such examples – oil birdbaths are put on the chest spinal zone, loins, some problem joints. This procedure gives an opportunity to unleash the energetic channels, the special oil cakes remove a muscular spasm and the pain bows out of the body.

Your responsibility for the health and necessity to be followed by doctor

If you feel severe headaches or spinal muscular spasms, do not neglect your problems with the state of your health. Apply to the hospital and consult the specialist! Doctor will define the reason of your painful symptoms. Get the effective therapy prescription and new friend in terms of the doctor on your way to recovery.