Ayurveda for kids: healthy back from little up

80% of the population suffer from locomotor apparatus diseases. Most often, all of them begin in childhood. Diana Skopintseva, a family doctor at CALENDULA, tells more about the things the parents should pay attention to and about how to help your kid using Ayurveda practices.

Which childhood issues may cause problems with the back after a kid is grown up?

There are two types of back bone diseases that start from childhood — geneogenous and acquired. The first type refers to the problems the child was born with, and the second illnesses developed due to the child’s lifestyle. Injuries and rapid growth, when the muscles do not have time to strengthen enough to keep the back bone in the correct position, are the main reasons for all problems. Intensive sports started too early while the locomotor system is not developed yet may also cause the issues. And finally, phlogotic processes in the lungs or abdomen affect the back bone and joints too.

Which symptoms or signs should put parents on the alert ?

When you put clothes on your child, pay attention to how they fit. If you see an asymmetry or disturbance, it is the first sign of incorrect posture. Lowered shoulders, bladebone bulb or feather, back or muscle asymmetry and pain, of course, are the most significant symptoms. Pay attention to all those small but important things. Even if no issues are detected, it is better to undertake preventive examinations with an orthopedic surgeon at 3, 6, 9 and 16 years old, because there are so many backbone disorders that only a specialist can recognize.

What does Ayurveda tell about preventive medicine in connection with a child’s locomotor system?

Despite the traditional medicine, Ayurveda understands that different children have different own somatotype and so physical activities and sports should be chosen wisely. If your kid has great muscles, he or she should go for intensive exercise and various sports. Too thin children with weak musculature will benefit from running and jumping. By the way, the last ones are in the risk group. Posture disorders, problems with joints and vertebrae, asymmetrical musculature and skeleton are the most common things they may experience. Overweight kids should do intensive exercises according to their age.

One of the most effective therapies to save people from pain in the back and joints is called kinesitherapy. Is it allowed to use anti-gravity training machines for kids?

Of course, it is. However, it is possible only under the doctor’s supervision. The trainer should develop an optimal program of classes based on the child’s somatotype features and age. Kinesitherapist is a must-thing for such exercise programs. But therapeutic exercises — the set of physical exercises with kid’s own weight that let the deep muscles work and stabilize the back bone — is a better choice.

Which Ayurveda procedures are useful for children?

Massages come first. Abhyanga — deep relaxing massage with oils, Pinda Sweda — one more variant that uses warm bags filled with herbal decoction to tone you up — seem to be the best examples. Special oil therapies are also useful. Kati Vasti (a bath for lumbus) and Prista Vasti (a bath for thoracic spine) in addition to Marma massage and some Asanas used in Yoga practice should be performed as a must one.

Summer is a period of the immune system improvement. Which procedures should be in focus in order to stay strong against the seasonal viruses that may influence the health of the locomotor system?

In order to keep your child healthy, pay attention to nutritious food and physical activities all year round. The meal is mentioned on the first place. It should be balanced and include easily digestible proteins and vitamins. It is a wrong decision to skip vitamins during winter or autumn if you think that the kid has got enough in summer. The body uses vitamins all the year round. The disorders of immune systems are caused by problems in the digestive tract. For example, if food digests badly, immune system fails first. The deficit or surfeit of certain products also causes an imbalance in the child’s organizm. If your child catches cold 1-3 times per year, then you shouldn’t worry about it. If he or she falls sick more often, there may be a problem. The Ayurveda doctor will help come to the roots and will give you explicit recommendations about the lifestyle, nutrition, herbal additions and so on. And you will see the first results in a couple of months.