Body cleansing

You use more and more medicine but do not get any results? You are 30+ years old, want to get pregnant and to have healthy children? You want to stay young and healthy as long as possible?

If you have answered positively at least one of the above-mentioned questions, then your body requires the cleansing in order to get rid of metabolites — slags, acids, fatty concretion and other products of the vital activity.

Intoxication leads to metabolism disorders. They weaken the nervous, immune and endocrine systems. The digestion process is not performed properly, the microelements and nutrients are not absorbed fully. The pathological consecration of unclaimed fats and carbohydrates takes place in the body, the peripheral tissues do not get enough blood and then we get to stagnation and edema. The body becomes vulnerable to all kinds of infections.

The body absorbs pollution for a long time. In the modern world, this process begins in early childhood, and the first signs of metabolic disorders appear at 25-30 years old. But the body protects itself at this age and is able to cope with toxins. People think that it will last forever and so continue eating unhealthy food, breaking biological rhythms and forgetting about the regime. It is a typical situation when someone works without rest, tries to find enough energy for a second or even third job, spends nights for entertainment and is sure that those pleasures will offset the physical and mental tiredness.

No one understands that the body does not have enough energy to clean itself and therefore not only creates storage for metabolic poisons but let them penetrate deeper into the tissue in this state. Slags, acids, toxins move from the intestines to the circulatory and nervous systems, poison muscles, skin, bones and reproductive tissues. It’s easy to guess what comes next — chronic diseases. They hit the weakest body part or organ — either genetically determined or the one that was overloaded.

The conscious person understands that it will be hard to clean such a body. Popular advertised solutions like “hydro colon cleansing” or pills that are considered to be a “cleaning complex” as well as so-called “mono”, “juice” and other diets do not work and clear the gastrointestinal tract at most. To get to the deepest tissues, you need special therapy. Modern specialists were trying to explore new treatments and remedies but did not invent anything. The doctors and researchers from different countries, such as the USA, England, Germany, Russia, India, started learning more about the traditional ancient Indian practice that is called Ayurveda and explored it for the last 20 years. The most interesting technique Ayurveda suggests is Panchakarma — the deepest cleansing process that rejuvenates and recovers the body. Panchakarma is 5 (Pancha) actions or processes (karma) that help cleanse the body. All scientists studying this issue came to a single one opinion: Panchakarma is a truly effective method that deterges the body at the cellular level. Being applied correctly, it gives perfect results. That is why even the World Health Organization representatives recommend Panchakarma as a great method to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases, metabolic syndrome and dyslipidemia for more than 18 years.

The cleansing process is based on the following principles:
    • Special medical oils that link together all the toxins in order to remove them out are delivered to the body via the skin and digestive system right to the tissues;
    • Thanks to the list of warm procedures — medical steam, dry heat, hyperthermic baths, infra- and ultralight, ultrasound, etc. — the powerful microcirculation, blood perfusion occurred in the tissues and expansion of the channels (blood vessels, lymph nodes) becomes possible. Metabolism becomes better, the bile moves faster, mucus and intercellular fluid come to the gastrointestinal tract quicker and all the toxins leave your body.
Now it’s the time to lose 5 poisons you have in your body:
    • Vaman – medical vomiting — helps remove mucus, infection colonies, all toxins from adipose and lymphatic tissue;
    • Virechan – is the stage when special laxatives are used to get rid of bile, acids, cholesterol concretion. Thanks to Virechan, the small bowel becomes cleaner, blood and muscle tissues are deterged;
    • Nasya – suggests washing the antrums of the forehead, face and nose. It removes toxins from the atrums, reduces the excessive intracranial pressure, eliminates the chronic infections of the upper respiratory tract;
    • Basti niruha – supposes the cleansing enemas. These ones include a special compound that removes toxins via the large intestine and cleanses it gently and consistently. Metabolites leave the bones, nervous and reproductive tissues;
    • Basti anuvasan – is other enemas that restore the tone of the bowel and normalize the intercranial pressure. After Anvasa Basti, you will feel more energy and strength;
    • Yoni Terapia – is special irrigation for women that is focused on cleaning and rejuvenation process.
The last procedure included in the whole cleansing process is the deep improvement of the skin.
The final result:
    • Significant weight loss;
    • Body rejuvenation and cleansing at the cellular level you will see at once;
    • Skin improvement that includes the reduction of rugosity, eye-sacks, acne, cellulite;
    • The vivacity surge and a feeling that you are full of energy and strong enough to make anything possible and impossible;
    • Full recovery from pathologic viruses and Candida type fungi;
    • Normalized blood pressure, sugar level, cholesterol and other blood biochemical parameters;
    • Better chances of healthy and fast pregnancy;
    • “Eternal youth” — aging processes made slower;
    • The harmony you feel everywhere.

Please note that such therapy should be supervised by specialists that practice Ayurveda in the clinic with professional and experienced staff. We have been following the Ayurveda principles for more than 20 years and have successfully treated more than 1800 patients with the full cleansing procedure they took here. Also, we analyze the results of other clinics all over the world. And finally, we have made a decision that Panchakarma solves several problems simultaneously. First, it helps prevent and cure infections and several cancer types. Second, it makes you slimmer and prettier — the skin looks better, the excess pounds and cellulite leave the body easily and you feel yourself younger. If you have chronic diseases, the cleansing will help too. It will let you take twice fewer allopathic medicines than before. The physical and mental tolerance increase. The working capacity becomes higher as well.

Moreover, Panchakarma treats souls. The patients become calmer, more cheerful and confident. No depression and better everyday routine come as additional advantages.