Eternal youth: unclassified materials

The scientists are still working on the formula of the eternal youth. The market is full of cosmetics products and services that provide a short-time effect and let people look better. However, Ayurveda suggests 5000-year old Rasayana therapy that is meant as the whole body rejuvenesce way.

The word “Rasayana” consists of two parts that may be translated as “source of life” (rasa) and “energetic channels” (ayana). In Ayurveda, “rasa” is the first taste and the first cells that appear after the food is digested. Rasayana therapy includes two directions — special treatments and mineral or herbal remedies. Applied together, they rouse both hormonal and endocrine systems that are growing old.

The latest researches show that people get on a bit faster. After the 30-35th birthday, we feel how Ojas energy leaves our body and cell repair processes become slower. As a result, we experience the full range of unpleasant symptoms like chronic fatigue, apathy, dull skin, low organism resistance to different viruses and infections. Being a very special art, Rasayana therapy is created to give people more energy and to power the human body until the anility. It worth to be mentioned that the age of old starts not earlier than at 70 years, according to Ayurveda.

To rejuvenesce the body, the complex approach is required. At first, the body and energy channels should be cleaned, then, the digestive functions should be fully repaired. And finally, the last step — mineral and herbal agents (that nourish human tissues) should be added to the complex. It goes without saying, that special conditions with the optimal regime are required to achieve the best goal. Unfortunately, it is pretty hard to find the best terms for complex approach running because of our busy lives. That is why we recommend taking Rasayana therapy in specialized facilities or centers.

3 types of Rasayana therapy
    • Simple Rasayana. Before you start your anti-aging procedures, you need to complete Pancharmara — a full cleaning of your body. It is important to remove decay products and toxins, balance the doshas and strengthen the digestive fire. When the excess things are removed, clefts remain. Therefore, the next step is to fill these appeared clefts with new healthy tissues. It is that point when Rasayana starts. The patient gets special food and Rasayana medicaments to nourish the tissues with nutrients, improve the tissue tropism and skin tightness. Also, massages and baths with special oils are required – they nourish the body with oil-soluble additives in terms of different oils. Breathing practices, yoga with asanas that improve the joints flexibility and mobility are the must-have supportive program. 14 days is a minimum period for Panchakarma, in the meantime, Rasayana therapy itself takes at least 3 weeks.
    • Deep Rasayana. Once your body is cleansed after Panchakarma, it’s time for the most powerful Rasayana medicines. This practice affects not only on the digestive fire but on tissues and cells at the same time. Medicaments stimulate the intracellular enzymes and biocatalysts processes. It is done to speed up both the metabolites clearance and the regeneration start. These medications are special — they contain gold and silver in the form of certain compounds, the so-called Basmas. Animal products are also used — musk, pearls as well as various herbs. In addition, the body should be relaxed and protected from external irritants. The patient should be isolated in the room with limited access to daylight and outside sounds. It helps our senses stay in the state of rest. Moreover, the body autoregulation processes that lead to the natural restoration and rejuvenescence begin this time. One more feature of this Rasayana is a special meals that contain the optimal level of nutrients, lipids, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, highly differentiated and bioavailable. Special baths, massages and pranayama (breathing techniques) without active movements are also required. As a rule, such Rasayana therapy lasts for 3-4 weeks.
    • Full Rasayana. The therapy starts from a full cleansing process — Panchakarma — then a week of relaxation comes. In a week, a patient is placed in a dark and silent room. His diet consists of milk or certain juices (it depends on the human somatotype) only. In terms of rasayana Chyawanprash Avaleha jam made of 49 herbal and mineral components is provided. The patient can take a drink of the milk or juice, sometimes rice restorative drink is allowed. The full Rasayana partisiant eats 4 times a day. He practices pranayama and all these procedures are done in the dark room only. Additionally, the massage is required two times per day. The therapy lasts 30 days. During this time, the body tissues are renewed. This natural rejuvenescence brings much more obvious and better results than plastic surgery. The effectiveness of Rasayana largely depends on the doctors’ professionalism and responsibility features. The medical specialists should do everything for their patients. All processes are meant to be under control, the preparations should be done correctly The inanition of the body should be excluded. One more thing to mention, the results highly depend on the patient’s tuning. The absolute confidence to the doctors and the performance to all the rules are the same necessary aspects to be taken into account.
When do you need it?

Modern life leads to fast aging. So, you can start practicing Rasayana at the age of 35. It is especially required for women who gave birth and in the pre-climax (40-45 years old) period. In the first case, the therapy recovers the tissues pretty fast, in the second case – it helps to prevent climax and prolongs active years. Also, it will help reduce the painful and uncomfortable signs of climax.

Talking about men’s health, Rasayana restores sexual function, gives strength, tolerance and so prolongs juvenility.

Food for the gods and goddesses

As for food is the most important part of the therapy, be sure you have chosen the right diet. Cereals — wild wheat and rice — with sattvic fruits such as dates, figs, grapes and raisins have the most active rejuvenative features. The list of perfect food also includes milk, spices, special juices. Freshly prepared food that contains a mix of such products restores fluid cells metabolism.

The cooking process is the following: take rejuvenative plants and boil them in milk, add rice and wait until it is perfectly cooked. Then, add dried fruits get them into a sweat. You will get some kind of porridge — hilus — that is ideally ingested by organism. The list of Rasayana products also includes seafood — crustaceans, shrimps and some fish.

You can support your body with the correct food at home too. To stay young and fresh, make sure that you eat porridge made of wild wheat, mung beans and drink boiled unskimmed milk with a bit of water and spices: cardamom, cloves and ginger. Black and red caviar are Rasayana-products too.

There are several recommendations about dried fruits: they should be soften in milk, water, Ashwagandha broth or warm rice.

The great Ayurvedic healer Charaka told that Rasayana requires a special behavior too. It is meant the absolute alcohol cessation sweets refusal. It is also necessary to stay away from conflicts and negative emotions.

Other Rasayana medicines are: Shatavari, Ashwagandha, Amalaki, Brahmi, Chyawanprash, Saffron.