Panchakarma – ayurveda for europeans

Efficiency of Ayurveda has been confirmed by milleniums. Treatment and prophylaxis оf the most ancient system of health protection are based on Panchakarma that is a deep clearance of organism. Europeans can be sure that this method is effective without making a long way to India.
You are welcome to Hungarian CALENDULA clinic (Shiofok) where you can receive complete course of classical ayurvedic procedure under the supervision of specialists with higher medical education including Indian therapists. Dr. Skopincev, a founder of CALENDULA clinic, informs us about characteristics of the method, the way this method affects on physiological processes of organism and the advantage of treatment in European ayurvedic medical clinic.

In harmony with nature

A word “Panchakarma” is translated from Sanskrit as “pancha” – “five” and “karma” – “completed action”. This procedure consists of five stages which activate natural processes of renewal in organism, in particular, its five physiological mechanisms of self-clearance from toxins, metabolites, ballast cells, etc. Such mechanisms of self- clearance include the following physiological processes:

    • production of saliva and mucus in the cavities of nose (for example, if there is no any mucus and your mouth is dry it means the mechanism works incorrectly);
    • accumulation of returned substances in stomach and lungs; metabolic circle;
    • bile emission that causes diarrhea. Even healthy person periodically can have faeces relieve that can last several days, this is also the mechanism of purification;
    • faeces and urine excretion through which the products of decay, bacterium, protein, calcium and other mineral compounds leave the body.

When we disregard our health, eat too much, dress not according to the season, have passive way of living and even laugh or get sad excessively it influences on excretory functions negatively. Panchakarma activates all five mechanisms to improve physical and emotional health.

Three special conditions for successful recovery

One of the main conditions for carrying out correct Panchakarma is the creation of favorable atmosphere facilitating renewal of an organism. The factors that cause irritation ad excitation must be excluded in procedure period. The main task of Ayurvedic treatment is putting a person in a matrix of Nature. In Panchakarma it is accomplished as slow and soft warming up of tissues with gradual rise of temperature. Additional heat strengthens metabolism, enlarges channels or intercellular spaces, accelerates the excretion of ballast substances.

The third important aspect of this treatment is healthy food. Patient has to eat only food that supports vital fire (Agni) and doesn’t synthesize a large quantity of mucus, bile and protein. Food must be tasty, fresh, warm, plain and individually matched.

Work at the cellular level

Before starting clearance it is needed to prepare an organism for it. This step is called Purva Karma, it includes internal and external oiling. Vegetable oil with herbs is used for external oiling and purified butter (ghee) – for internal oiling. Ghee contains cholesterol of high density. This kind of cholesterol participates in production of vitamin B, female and male sex hormones, activity of brain and support of immunity. Quantity of good cholesterol runs low because of stresses, previous diseases and poor quality nourishment. In this case quantity of cholesterol of low density rises. Purva Karma is directed toward replenishment of stocks of good cholesterol in cellular membranes. In addition to this doctor can prescribe аyurvedic drugs which intensify absorption of good cholesterol. According to the state of patient a doctor determines doshas that have to be accentuated and therefore groups of cells influenced.

Heating ensures deep penetration of substances to cells. This process is accomplished as «oiling (internal and external with massage) – heating, oiling – heating» during 7 days.

5 steps of body clearance

Clearance of the body begins after completing preparatory procedures. There are the following steps of it.

    • Step 1 – Vamana – excretion of mucus from the sinuses, stomach and lungs using medications that contribute discharge of mucus and bile. It lasts 3 days.
    • Step 2 – Virechan – bile excretion. The process takes 3-4 days (preparation, excretion, recovery).
    • Step 3 – Vasti – purgation. On this step oil and vegetable broths solutions irrigation should be used to bind and eliminate toxins. This phase lasts 7 days.
    • Step 4 – Nasya – injection of drugs through the nose that facilitate scalp clearance, nose and throat treatment and improve concentration.
    • Step 5 – Rakta Moksha –bloodletting. Nowadays this step is used very rarely. Before it was used for the treatment of serious infectious diseases that modern medicine has won. This procedure can be replaced by special enemas which can facilitate discharge of the remaining ballast substances through the gut.

The secret of correct Panchakarma treatment is to create the right conditions and well-built process. Walls, climate, regime, diet, attitude of the staff – all these must be in harmony with the procedures and drugs.

Treatment or preventive maintenance?

According to Ayurveda clearance of organism is effective in all cases. For example as the method of treatment Panchakarma helps to find the true reason of disease. As preventive measure it preserves natural abilities of an organism to be restored and to regulate the mechanisms of purufication. Panchakarma rejuvenations organism also. Even if a person doesn’t have hard illness he can occasionally have headache, unstable digestion, bad smell of the body, appearance of skin rash, hair fall out, reduced level of vital energy, fatigue from the morning, insomnia, anxiety – all these are symptoms of accumulation of the toxic substances that need assistance to remove them from the body. Indications for using Panchakarma can be exacerbations of chronic diseases such as gastritis, stomach ulcer, arthritis, arthrosis. Panchakarma leads all processes in an organism to the physiological standard.

Ayurveda in European manner

Many people have a question if Ayurveda in European clinic corresponds to classical Indian practice? This is very important question, because it concerns health of Europeans. The unique Ayurveda feature is individual approach to a patient. Ayurvedic doctors not only choose personal treatment according to determined diagnosis but also prescribe Ayurvedic phytodrugs that are prepared exclusively for every person within the shortest period. CALENDULA clinic has its own laboratory where they produce the main medicines and compose formulas for the concrete patient.

Ingredients are delivered from different countries including India. But it should be considered that there is one more difference between the drugs, prepared in India and outside it. Indian Ayurvedic medicines contain the high percentage of spicy (Katu component). Opinion that spices kill bacteria and viruses is a myth. The fact is that in hot conditions, when the temperature is from +30 to +50 degrees both in summer and winter, bodies are forced to cool themselves each minute. But European people’s organisms warm themselves in winter. That’s why enormous quantity of warming ferments including acid is produced in stomach. However Indian people organisms don’t have such process. In order the medicine be assimilated in Indian’s bodies large quantity of spices and minerals is added into it to stimulate producing of that acid. If similar drug is prescribed to European people they can get new bad diagnosis instead of recovery.

One more important point for European people is hygiene. Thus Hungarians are very scrupulous in this subject. However in India the rules of hygiene and cleanliness are special.

CALENDULA clinic can asure patients that demands for the personnel, level of service, quality of procedures and raw materials for preparing the preparations are very high. All doctors have higher academic and ayurvedic education. Moreover they are the best specialists from India, Europe and East Europe who have passed thorough selection.

One of the greatest pride of the clinic is a vegetarian menu. During 20 years they were choosing food that would be ideal for the digestive tract of Europeans, to local climate but the same time would be ideally suitable for Panchakarma.

To light up the fire of life

Many people imagine Ayurveda as exotic SPA procedures, but it is not complete truth. It is treatment and it demands work on yourself from the morning till the evening that means the passage of procedures according to a time-table. In order to strengthen effectiveness of Panchakarma specialists recommend exercises that activate Agni (vital fire), especially pranayama and specific yoga asanas are very useful for it. When people change habits sometimes they can feel discomfort. Meditation and exercises for concentration will help to overcome this stage painlessly. It will be perfect if person is able to dedicate himself to Panchakarma during three weeks. It is possible to make period or treatment shorter or longer depending on the state of your organism. And of course it is very important that the best revitalizing method is accessible for many people financially and geographically.