Permanent slimming diet

Nowadays, the larger half of the world’s population is interested in the question of losing weight. It has been scientifically proven that losing weight is not just an aesthetic question. The normalization of the bodyweight has positive effects on the operation of the heart, blood circulation, the functioning of the nervous system and people’s general feeling and state of health.

Unfortunately, today the problem of weight loss has become subject of speculations and provides suitable ground for swindlers. You can see and read about the effective methods of losing weight on television and in the newspapers every day. But unfortunately, experience suggests that these methods recommended by amateure counsellors are often inefficient. In addition, weight loss brought about by unknown products may even prove to be harmful to human health, sometimes in an irreversible way.

The first truth that Ayurveda resorts to is based on the deep comprehension of the various types of human organism and the psycho-physiological constitution of the human body. At birth, every person receives his/her own genetically determined body from nature. Under normal circumstances this physical body will develop to satisfy the needs of the developing soul. In addition, it will have its own features which characterize and determine the aptitude for fattening, slimming, activity and slowness. In different bodies the bones, the muscles and the adipose tissues develop in different ways. You will never find skins that are absolutely of the same colour, smell or temperature and Nobody’s eyes, mouths or smiles are completely alike.

European science distinguishes the following human types:

  • phlegmatic (dumpy, strong, cold, slow body);
  • choleric (hot, fast, modest physique);
  • melancholic (dry, cool, slim physique with few emotions);
  • sanguinic (well-built, harmonic, balanced in every way)

The father of the European science of humanity, Ayurveda classifies people into 3 types: Vata, Pitta, Kapha and their combinations: Vata-Pitta, Kapha-Vata, Vata-Kapha and so on. Nature can create numerous variations by the different combinations of the 3 main types resulting in the individual physical form of each person. There are some persons who are heavier than others though they are the same height (Kapha). Their weight is normal for Kapha people but in the case of a Pitta person it may be a sign of a metabolic disorder. This example goes to show that it is very important to know your own body (Prakriti). There are a lot of tests that help you determine your own physique but the best solution is to consult an Ayurvedic doctor. During the consultation the doctor establishes your Prakriti (physique), explains your features and helps you to determine your ideal and healthy weight.

A lot of factors exist that influence corpulence and it is important to find out which specific factors are dominant. This way it becomes possible for the doctor to set up the best and most effective methods of losing weight.

From an Ayurvedic point of view, obesity is not the result of exaggerated eating, overweight is primarily due to some metabolic disorder. In order to reach a permanent normal weight, you have to first restore the proper functioning of the metabolic system. This can explain why the majority of weight-control programmes are unsuccessful. Hoping to reach their goal quickly the patients usually decrease the daily input of nutriment. One diet, however, will not solve the problem, and it often produces the opposite effect. The long expected weight loss will never come or you may get some insignificant result if you are able to drastically decrease the amount of your nourishment but after finishing the diet the lost weight will come back again. Moreover, you will start gaining weight fast and become more obese than before. Due to this stress all metabolic processes will slow down. This is the main mistake that sometimes even experts happen to make.

In most cases each metabolic process has to be intensified right at the beginning of the treatment. The most important task is to remove the poisons, acids and other excreta accumulated as a result of the metabolic disorder. This is the most significant principle of Ayurvedic healing or the science of physiology. If you look at an obese person from a biologist’s point of view, his/her overweight and volume consist of the following things:
  1. accumulated liquids in the tissues resulting from the disorder of the acido-basic balance;
  2. cholesterol, tryglyceride, glucose and other materials which are the results of unrealized metabolic processes;
  3. materials that cannot leave the body in a natural way e.g. lactose, urine acid and other products of the bowels;
  4. adipose tissues that are unused due to a metabolic disorder.

People who suffer from a metabolic disorder usually feel physical and mental discomfort. They are always tired, usually sleepy in the daytime and their mental functions slow down. This status is often followed by high blood pressure, heart and cardio vascular disorders, decreased creativity and a depressed state. These symptoms are brought about by the hunger at cellular level existing in spite of the excess weight. Since the excreta prevent nourishments from getting to the cell membranes, this phenomenon can cause various diseases in the body.

Considering the factors mentioned above it is apparent that the solution lies in a complex holistic approach that includes the following consistent curing procedures:
  1. Panchakarma: Ayurvedic cleansing treatment with the objective to clean the body of certain poisons, acids and stagnant liquids and to harmonize the functioning of the tissues and organs in the body (see also the chapter on Panchakarma);
  2. normalization of the functions of the digestive and the secretive organs. At this stage pathological and functional disorders disappear;
  3. normalization of the functions of the metabolic system;
  4. the complete range of Ayurvedic cosmetic treatments aiming at the whole body. They accompany the entire curing process from the beginning and their objective is to strengthen the connective tissues, stimulate the muscle-system, restore the full functioning of restricted locomotive organs, decrease the fat layer and make it more compact. These treatments combined lead to a visible positive change on the skin: Cellulite and laxity disappear, the youthful healthy colour and normal tone return while the body’s flexibility is retored.

We would like to protect those who want to normalize their weight, become younger and at the same time preserve their health from the illusion that they can achieve that in one week or during a lunch break or by visiting an acupuncture or bioenergetic expert three times a week. Miracles like these do not exist. Good and long lasting results can only be reached with the help and under the continuous daily control of a special team including an internist and an Ayurvedic doctor. The active and conscious participation of the patient in the healing process is of also crucial importance. While the desired weight can usually be reached in about 3-4 weeks with the help of properly applied Panchakarma and regenerating treatments, the normalization of the whole metabolic system may even take 2-3 months.

Those achievments that patients reach at the clinic during the curing process under the supervision of doctors become a norm for the body. Our 14-year experience (we have been dealing with metabolic disorders and Panchakarma treatments at our clinic since 1993) shows that our former patients easily and wholeheartedly stick to their individual gymnastics and observe the insignificant changes in their routine and diet prescribed by our doctors not just for one or two months but for years to come.
Everybody shall be healthy and happy!
Dr. med. Dmitrij Skopincev and Dr. med. Diána Proszenyák