Meditation session. How to find your own practise?

Meditation is considered to be a common solution for various problems today. Let’s try to understand what it is, how to meditate and whether there are any alternative methods closer to our mentality.

Wikipedia gives meditation the following description — (from Latin meditatio — thinking) — a kind of mental or spiritual practices used for religious or recreational purposes, or a special mental state a person gets after this procedure.

7 steps of comprehension

Meditation comes from Yoga Sutras of Patanjali — the basic Indian philosophical written by Patanjali. In this source, a few yoga levels are described:

    • 1st level – a special way of thinking and living appears. A person is confident that he does not harm others and does not want to harm;
    • 2nd level – asceticism and vegetarian food;
    • 3rd level – a person generates and shares the love with people, try to help and serve them;
    • 4th level – a person performs asanas.

Please note that you can start exercising only after you change your way of life. Why does it matter? The essence of yoga lies in the body control, the ability to manage its powers. It is possible only after you get to know how to control your emotional state. You shouldn’t worry or get nervous, you should diet, help people. Asanas let you feel each joint and muscle, fiber band and chorda. It allows you to control and prevent the pain.

    • 5th level – Pranayama, breathing techniques. It helps you manage your energy and prana, change the energetic channels. Assans open channels, Pranayama accumulates energy in each and every cell of the body;
    • 6th level – silence, relax and peace. This is a very special state in which neither external nor internal irritants bother you. You are a master of your body, your mood and well-being, while the environment doesn’t influence you..
    • 7th level: concentration – You need to focus on some object, some thought or on breathing. If you are doing it right, you will achieve the highest goal — meditation.
From the very beginning 

You can meditate only once you accomplish all the above-mentioned stages. Then, choose an object to focus on, let’s say, it will be a wooden chair. Next, learn as much as you can while you observe it. Check each and every detail — a form and material, connecting parts. Try to analyze the manufacturing process and go earlier and earlier up to the hew down trees process, the man who cut this tree for the chair, the wood processing and so on. Meditation allows you to see, feel and understand the object you are focused on. It is possible only if your inner world and environment stay completely silent. This is how real meditation takes place. Other techniques have different names, for example, you can imagine something, you can dream or use your fantasy.

In a language you understand

In Christianity, we have prayer and fasting. They are a kind of meditation too. When a person fasts fairly, he develops concentration through restrictions or rejections. Feelings and sensations become sharper, you understand your body better.

Morning prayer is nothing more than a careful reading but it requires your concentration. Sometimes it is achieved easily. Usually, we analyze the text we are ready if it something new for us. But after we learned it by heart, we recite it automatically. It is wrong actually. Think and concentrate while you are reading the holy scriptures, repeat only after you understand each and every word. Once you speak, repeat the divine words and divine mantra. It will help you to build a attachment between yourself and heaven — and you will be closer to the 7th level of Patanjali than ever.

So, fasting stimulates thinking and feelings, prayer sets a certain rhythm and comprehension.

The week-day poetry

There are many people who don’t believe in God. They can practice in another way. If you do not like the word “fasting”, you can go for a diet without spices, sour, salty and animal derived materials, alcohol — all the things that don’t let us think clearly. You need to set a personal rhythm, it is better to practice a healthy diet in spring and in autumn when nature have visible changes.

Or you can learn a poem by heart. Let’s say it will be a poem about love. Recite it right every morning. But while you are reading, focus on what it is about. Matra that doesn’t sound familiar — is a wrong way. You need to recite and feel it, think about each line. This fantastic state is meditation. Please note that it is better to choose exalted poetry filled with deep emotions. Make the lofty speeches as one of the meditation way.

Foresight technique

Planning your daily routine is a kind of meditation too. When you think about the upcoming events, meetings and tasks you are going to solve during the day, you need to concentrate and pay the maximal attention in order to find the best solution. Sometimes you need to think over some situation to pick the right words to be said — and this thing also requires your attention and concentration. While guessing how the events will arise, you can solve any problem without stress, hustle and quarrels. Just give yourself 20-30 minutes in the morning for a bit of planning.

You can come up with your own way to focus your attention on something, develop the ability to concentrate, organize your thoughts and keep your mind clear. Note that this exercise should be done regularly and you should take it seriously.

Meeting place with yourself

Meditation, poetry or prayer — choose one you like — is better to perform in a relaxing atmosphere. Select a place where you can stay alone and nothing will bother you. After several iterations, you will be able to concentrate in any place, even in the center of a noisy office. Next important condition — keeping your back straight. It is required in order the air passes your lungs better. This position helps keep the consciousness. Lotus pose will be suitable too for those who practice yoga or any other Eastern discipline.

Many people can’t do away with their thoughts, while the latest ones fill the head in full scope. It is truly hard to stop thinking. But if you concentrate on breathing, you will soon find out that you do not think at all. Observe your breathing in and out, and you won’t have time for thinking. Sometimes, after you achieve a good concentration, you will be able to look at your mind from the third-party perspective. You will see how thoughts come and go. This skill will help you to control emotions and do not follow the irritants and stress factors.