Vajikarana and her recipes of youth

There are a lot of female deities in Hindu and Vedic mythology – Davy, Sarasvati, Lakshmi, Kali, etc. The woman was given such great honor because she is a prototype of Mother of the world, the creation bosom. Her organism gives rise and continues new life.

The woman is considered the deity on the earth in Ayurveda. She gives pleasure, joy and power to her man. The man happiness depends on his woman’s health. One more important mission is imposed on the representatives of the weaker sex – parenthood. According to Vedic philosophy, the man is obliged to keep his family, when the woman – to educate children. For this purpose, women should be healthy both in mental and physical aspects. The special attention is paid to it in Ayurvedic medicine. Vajikarana is called the practice relating to resumption and strengthening of all the reproductive functions of an organism. Vajikarana touches upon subject of both men’s and women’s sexual health.

Age and motherhood

People perceive the news that the woman at mature age became a mother as a sensation. The child-bearing age of the weaker sex is not limited in Hinduism. The woman can give birth in 40 and in 50 years. The child of mature-aged parents is not considered as the late one, and the children of young people – are not early at the same time. Children – are the gifts from the gods. That is why motherhood and child-bearing are always welcomed. As the result, the medicine is obliged to serve these spiritual principles for development of society.

Immersing in the historical sources, we see that vadia, Ayurvedic doctor, treated both beggars, and soldiers, and emperors. He was responsible for a physical and mental condition of all sectors of those days society. For example, emperor made a request that his 50-year-old wife should bring the life to a child. Vadia was obliged to make everything in order the women gave birth. Or the soldier, having come from war, asked: “I need the son!”. So the doctor had to try to do everything possible. Of course, there are some restrictions when it is possible to give rise and when it is impossible. That is why Ayurveda gives consideration to each case on one-to-one basis. But such severe conditions for medicine come up not from the forceful social order, but from understanding of divine physiology: the organism can be healthy and strong both in 17, and in 30, and in 50, and in 70.

Natural wonder

Vajikarana is responsible for reproductive system rejuvenation – the practice devoted both to women’s and men’s health problems solutions. Vajikarana is subsection of Rasayana (the therapy related to prevention and a stop of aging processes). It means that Ayurveda considers provide people with the possibilities of aging delay of all organism and rejuvenation of concrete internals. A set of different techniques are used for these purposes:

    • The eutrophy (the right nutrition)Speaking about food, it is necessary to include in a ration the products for the hormonal background. For example, seafood – the organism receives protein which quickly turns into testosterone and estrogen due to the products of this group. Women should eat products that contain phytoestrogen: for example, soy, dates, some types of nuts, cheeses and milk.
    • Phytotherapy. Ayurveda defined the most effective plants for female reproductive system restoration – more than thousands of years the list of optimal ones was made. The most effective well-known plant – winter cherry (Withania Somnifera) or cape gooseberry. This plant has the strong rejuvenating effect. Modern researches confirmed that the winter cherry normalizes release of gonadotropin b and follicle stimulating hormone. It also restores functions of ovaries and myometrium. Other useful plants for the reproductive system – a orchis (Órchis), an asparagus brilliant (Asparagus lucidus L.) and common asparagus (Asparagus officinális).
    • Rasayana. The Ayurveda study created huge amount of medicines made of plants for rejuvenation and reproductive organs treatment. They are called rasayans and vadzhikaranas – in honor of the therapeutic systems. Beside plant ingredients, metals, gold, minerals are added to the medicinal formulas. These components turn into organic compound owing to the burn-off and grinding processes – basma is carried out this way. It is considered as the synergist for plants and strengthens their action with efficiency increase.
    • Exercises. There is a row of different techniques in yoga and a pranayama which are able to strengthen certain groups of muscles (including a pelvic bottom, axil, buttock and stomach).
    • Procedures. The special massages and compresses are optimal – pilfering, cooling, warming, damping ones. These procedures provide people with rejuvenation of internals and have the positive impact on the reproductive system. Other techniques for skin, connecting fabrics and a muscular system are also available. The methods of marma-therapy allow to stimulate certain points and to cause the reflex tension and to tone up fabrics by terms of additional heat and pressure. Also the bath procedures should be taken into account – oil and milk ones are very useful. In case of full submergence, the fat-soluble substances which are emitted from certain fruit, plants, animal-derived products get into the oil or milk solution through the skin. The effect is comparable with expensive creaming procedure. But this is the skin nourishment of all body – not the separate body parts.
    • Internal therapy. Syringings, tampons, candles – these methods are recommended by modern medicine too. Their efficiency resides in the opportunity to influence deep muscles of the axil, uterus, appendages from within – to tighten, humidify, etc. In fact, the woman’s axil is one more internal that is possible to nourish. Any loading of the medicines that aligns with flora nourishes the reproductive fabric – shukra So it is possible to support shukra functions with help of internal therapy.

There is the wide range of procedures in Ayurveda which were used long ago by Sushrut – by the ancestor of surgery: axil lifting, implants introduction (for example, to strengthen a cavity, to correct the direction of a bladder, etc). The modern medicine successfully applies everything that was known in the ancient time.
Complexed Rasayana therapy should be passed once a year while it is necessary to be engaged in Vajikarana daily. The qualitative regular high-calorie food has to become one of the main tools in achievement of youth and sexual health. Additionally, it is suggested to take plants with properties of aphrodisiacs – emblic, winter cherry, fenugreek, saffron, etc.