Why do you have a headache?

Headache is the most widespread health complaint. Nevertheless, a lot of people prefer to ignore it. They hope that symptoms will disappear without any treatment. Another popular method is constant usage of pain management medications. But headache disturbs day by day more and more…

The modern physicians divide all headache types into primary and symptomatic groups.

First group types – the list of all possible variants:
    • Migraine;
    • tension headache;
    • cluster headache;
    • various forms of the headache which are not relating to with structural damages.
Second group – symptomatic headaches types are caused with:
    • head injury;
    • vascular frustration;
    • intracranial frustration;
    • use of certain substances;
    • infections;
    • metabolic alterations;
    • pathologies of a skull bones or face structures.

Most often people consider their headache as the result of their arterial pressure changes. Actually it is only 5-10% of cases.
” 60% of patients – the Ayurvedic doctor in the CALENDULA clinic, Pavel Bigori tells, – have tension headaches. They are caused by emotional pressure, angst, stress and also physical tension in the head or neck muscles. The physical high-level tension in the muscles is observed in cases of long-term work in some uncomfortable poses, sedentary job in front of the computer, often gadgets usage, weight lifting.”
One more widespread cause of headache contraction is considered cervical osteochondrosis. Additionally, the reasons of the headache could be: radiculitis, seat plates adjustment and other spine disorders.

How to define headache type?
    • Migraine: throbbing pain, as a rule, in a frontotemporal part of the head; the high-level sound-sensitivity and light-sensitivity, excessive sweating, fast heartbeat and nausea. Sometimes there are dizziness and visual hallucinations (sparks from eyes, the sparkling points, zigzags).
    • Tension headache:  the pain is constant; it is nagging, dragging pain that like a hoop squeezes all head circumference.
    • Cluster headache: pungent pain; throbbing pain is felt in one half of the head and face (a forehead, a temple, an eye-socket). It is very intolerable – it is impossible neither to sit, nor to stand. When the attack takes place, a nose can be bunged up and eyes are watering.
    • Elevated blood pressure: pain is constant, obtuse, pressing one; it is more often localized in the nape zone.
Healthy alternative to pills

The most effective methods of treatment and tension headache prevention are the reflex-therapy. This method includes both acupressure, acupuncture, the kinetotherapy and Ayurvedic herbal medicinal products. Additionally to phyto preparations, different Ayurvedic procedures and massages are available. All the procedures are directed to the absolute relaxation and cleanup of ventricle in the brain from the slime and other harmful things.

    • Kineziterapija – exercises on the special simulators improve blood circulation, remove muscular spasms in different zones of the body, tilt against congestive phenomenon in the organism. People who regularly go in for sport have headaches less often!
    • Reflex-therapy – acupuncture, acupressure and massage of reflexogenic zones, marma-massage – the efficiency of all these procedures could be felt after the first sessions. But it is recommended to complete a full treatment course (5-10 procedures). It is optimal to combine relax-therapy with massage of the head and cervical + collar zones.
    • Ayurvedic phytomedicines – unique formulas based on plants contain could solve all specific features of the headache. They do not only remove a pain syndrome, but also nourish brain tissue, improve memory, flavor to clarity of thoughts.
    • Shirovasti – the Ayurvedic procedure where the main idea is to pour on the head individually chosen warmed oil with herbs and hold it about an hour on the head. A special hat is used in order the oil will not spill out. The procedure calms the patient down, weakens head tissues, enlarges vessels.
    • Shirodkhara is one more well-known Ayurvedic procedure which is understood as the method of continuous oil spilling on the forehead (30-45 minutes). It has the positive impact on the hormonal system recruitment. Shirodkhara also treats insomnia, normalizes pressure and considered as the headache killer, including migraine.
    • Nasya – this Ayurvedic procedure is directed to the head cleanup through medicinal oils instillation to the patient’s nose. Before the oils will be added to the nose, the oil massage of the head face and upper body is done. Then the inhalation and warming up procedure by a hot towel also should be done. The procedure puts out the nasal blocks, makes breathing easier, improves the nourishment of the head tissues with the oxygen (as it nourishes the all organism with oxygen in general).

It is recommended to visit a doctor to define the reason causing headaches. Do not neglect your health! Sometimes the insignificant symptom is a small signal for you to search for the problem and solve it.