Nutritional therapy

Nutritional therapy


We have been providing patients with nutritional therapy for 28 years. During this time, we introduced macrobiotic nutrition (George Osawa’s doctrine of the food), offered separate nutrition and a European diet with the calculation of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and vitamins. It took years. Ayurveda brought us closer to the understanding of what an individual diet is.

The main postulate is that each person has his own constitution, changes in which may occur depending on the time of year, wind, current illness, etc. In one’s time, we began to prepare Ayurvedic cuisine for patients. But over time, we came to another concept: people are not ready to continue such a diet at the end of the treatment. That’s why we were stimulated to develop a menu, the assortment of which was to satisfy the needs of an average organism.

It is clear that if a patient has diabetes (the intolerance to lactose or gluten), the products that cause negative reactions in the body, are excluded from the diet. But if a person does not have indications for a strict diet, we prepare vegetarian dishes that meet the needs of a recovering body. It is a great happiness to have a cook in the team of specialists who shares the principles of the Vedic cuisine and adapts it to Europe. Ayurveda attaches great
importance to the food through the quality and freshness of the products, the feelings during the cooking process (of course, there must be an atmosphere of love), and a beautiful presentation.

  1. The primary digestion process takes place in a pan. Special spices, masala (substances that make food more digestible) are prepared.
  2. It is excluded meat, animal fats, coffee. Cereals, vegetables, fruits, fish (in moderation), herbal teas, sauces that improve digestion, the passage of the food, and intestinal motility are the basis of the healthy products.
  3. Food should be very slight: a sick person has already wasted his energy on the disease, and his digestion is weak, so the food should be easily digestible.

Patients often come to us to lose weight. We do not count calories, because we know that overweight is a metabolic disorder. Therefore, we developed a special diet, the dishes of which facilitate and stimulate metabolic processes, so a person loses weight in his/her physiological way. This is a hunger by no manner of means!

The portions that we give in the clinic are large enough even for those who are losing weight (in fact, we have all the patients get thinner). This allows patients to avoid an abrupt transition from observational conditions into a real routine and continue to eat healthy.
We conduct a number of educational projects on nutrition: conduct cooking classes, give lectures on the basics of Ayurvedic cuisine, and publish books with recipes of our cooks.

At the end of the course of treatment, each patient receives an Ayurvedic individual diet that is a list of healthy, neutral and harmful foods.

The CALENDULA Vegetarian Restaurant is a unique dining place. Dishes of European and Oriental cuisine are adapted to the nutritional therapy.

  • 40 seats
  • Work schedule from 7:00 till 19:00
  • 3-time meals a day
  • 4-time meals is prescribed for special conditions
  • Buffet breakfast
  • Children’s menu is available
  • A wide selection of natural teas and fruit drinks with spices on a 24-hour basis;
  • Menu is composed according to the doctors’ advices.

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