In-house production of herbal remedies

More than 28 years ago, we began to use botanical formulas of the traditional and eastern medicines in medical practice. Each person, who seeks help, is a unique case. This is always a challenge for the doctor. Of course, the diseases are changed by time; they migrate in time and across countries acquiring new symptoms, and become resistance to invented drugs. Once thinking about how the doctors of antiquity treated, we studied Avicenna’s work “The Canon of Medicine”. Desiring to reproduce the formulations described by him, we went to the Middle East with the aim of mastering the Arabian pharmacopoeia. The search for unique botanical formulas and treatment methods continued in India and China. This is the way we came to Ayurvedic medicine and its pharmacopeia.

Recreating and applying this in the conditions of our clinic, we daily observe the efficiency and effectiveness of botanical formulas that were created thousands of years ago. The history of Calendula Pharma Co. began with four suitcases brought from Egypt. Today we have developed 1,500 phytopreparations. We import certified raw materials from India, China, Vietnam for their manufacture. We bring it from European countries. We collect herbs in ecologically clean parts of Hungary ourselves. All of this is in order to have the opportunity of creating the necessary medicine for the health of every person.

Our products: compounded medical remedies and DSs

Compounded preparations (extemporaneous) are medicines, the prescriptions of which are made by a doctor. They are made by a pharmacist for a specific patient. We have already had more than 1,500 of such drugs. We make new ones for a particular patient every week.

DS (dietary supplement) is an additional source of food and biologically active substances to optimize metabolic processes, improve the functional state of organs and systems, reduce the risk of diseases, and normalize the gastrointestinal microflora, etc.

Formulas: Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Avicenna, Galen, authorial (by Dr. Dmitry Skopintsev)
Drug form: capsules, pills, powders, jams, tinctures, decodes (decoctions), oils, creams

Production: automated and manual work

Production format: in-house pharmacy for the production of individual botanical formulas (for the treatment of a particular patient)

The advantage of Ayurvedic medicines is in the production technology. The ingredients are not just powdered plant material, but potentiated substances. Part of the medicinal herbs is powdered, the other part is used for a decot (decoction) or extract: all ingredients are triturated in turn (the grinding process potentiates the plants. The more active this process is, the higher their energy value and therapeutic effect are). Then, the liquid and dry parts are mixed, dried at a certain temperature, and triturated again. The peculiarity of multicomponent formulations is that some ingredients are aimed at improving digestion and assimilation of medicinal substances; the others act as conductors that bring them to the target cells; some of them act as synergists of action; some of them saturate the body. (Saturation is a process when the concentration of active substances increases in the same volume).

Medicines are released in the forms of capsules and pills. Each of them has its own advantages.

Advantages of pills: long shelf life; high bioavailability, because the pills go through the entire digestion process (begin to act already in the mouth). The purified honey is used during manufacturing. It acts as an extractant that facilitates the process of absorption and cleavage.

Advantages of capsules: the exact dosage (the drug is rapidly absorbed, getting into the digestive tract). If an instant preparation is needed, then in this case an encapsulated preparation is necessary. Taking a capsule, a person does not feel the taste and smell. This prevents an individual reaction to certain taste and aromas.
All imported plants that are used in the botanical formulas of Calendula Pharma Co. are certified.

Individual production of medicines with a doctor’s prescription! All medicines are created according to the recipes of Ayurveda, TCM, Avicenna, and adapted to the digestive system of the inhabitants of European countries.

All that we create in our phyto lab is for treatment of patients. We are open to the cooperation with other doctors. We are ready to teach herbal medicine, the basics of Ayurvedic and Chinese pharmacological systems, so that our colleagues have more opportunities to help their patients. Herbal medicine has a huge potential for this.

DS Line of Calendula Pharma Co. The idea of its creation is a medicine chest, in which there are funds for various cases, both for quick response to a symptom or disease, and for preventive action.

is used to improve digestion. It is recommended for constipation, heaviness in the stomach, poor appetite.

is used to improve the mood during the depression or seasonal depression.

is used to improve brain nutrition, memory and concentration.

is used to normalize blood glucose levels.

is used for coughing; it also accelerates recovery from the seasonal viruses.

is used to improve the quality and depth of sleep, for insomnia.

is used to improve the functions of the female reproductive system (increases libido, delays the onset of menopause).

is for fast elimination of toxins after overeating, food and alcohol consumption.

is a hepatoprotector; it dilutes thick bile, improves liver function.

is an immune protector; it enhances the protection properties of the body.

accelerates recovery in the case of bronchitis, pneumonia and respiratory diseases.

instantly eliminates an abdominal distension after eating.

is used to lower blood cholesterol.

is a classic Ayurvedic herbal preparation for improving the bowel activity, normalizing stool, and cleansing.

is used to increase potency; it improves spermogenesis in men.

rejuvenates the body, prevents early aging, restores vital energy Qi,
increases sexual strength in men and women.

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