How to keep the girl's health out of danger of breast cancer, if the family case story contains such disease on the distaff side?

Really, the breast cancer (BC) belongs to diseases which is common to be found among close relatives on the distaff side; morovere, this illness is considered karmic. To prevent its development, it is necessary to pay attention to both two aspects at a time – spiritual and physical:
The spiritual aspect means Sattva consciousness – control of emotions, manifestation of morality, service to people.
Physical one relies in a way of life, compliance with regimen and nutrition prescription. Food has to be freshly cooked, rich with antioxidants. In this case it is necessary to exclude milk and dairy products, red and white meat from a diet.
It is necessary to avoid also the products containing preservatives, carbohydrates in abundance, sugar, fermented smoked products. Life-blood sources of antioxidants are vegetables and fruit. Fish and seafood are a good alternative to meat . In addition, it is necessary to to be under regular medical check-up of the breast physician and undergo screening every year (screening includes a number of researches, such as ultrasonography of the breast gland, blood test to detect the cancer-specific markers CA 15-3, CEA).
In case of underlying risk for breast cancer, it is forbidden to take hormonal contraceptives. Organism clarification by means of Panchakarma procedures also reduces the risk of development of this dangerous illness. It is necessary to repeat the procedure each 2-3 years for better result.

I have elevated blood pressure. My standard showings are 160/90 mm Hg. Is it possible to lower my blood pressure without taking any medicines? If this is the case, so how?

It is necessary to determine the reason of increase in pressure. If the hypertension was caused not with the nephratonia or atherosclerosis, it is possible to normalize it by means of the complex therapy oriented to improve the blood circulation, metabolism and reach the optimal weight.
Such treatment includes different ways to clarify organism and make it stronger, such as: detoxification, balneoterapia, a diet, therapeutic exercises. It is possible to apply the procedure of a stage-by-stage medicines substitution for the herbal drugs with the antihypertensive action.
The herbal medicinal products also increase the efficiency of the medicinal therapy. It is necessary to hold a consultation and to take a look at the diagnostic results in order to understand the optimal way of treatment and therapy to apply.

How can acupuncture help with weight loss? I am 33 years old, my weight is 125 kg.

It is necessary to understand first that the body does not contain any points for momentary weight loss. The traditional Chinese medicine performs several reasons of weight gain, but the main one is the energy defection, more properly to be said – the energy deficiency. This deficit is centered in the spleen channel. If the normalization of this channel operating takes place (and in parallel the patient’s eating habits are changed), then the weight will be normalized too. But do not forget about additional and obligatory measures – to eat according to the somatotype, to pay focused attention to the physical activity. The acupuncture is the auxiliary method in this case.

I have a depressive syndrome and I take the prescribed antidepressant medicines. I was suggested to try therapeutic alternatives, specifically acupuncture. Describe the concept of such treatment.

At neurosises with vegetative effects acupuncture can be applied both as the mono-therapy and as the accompanying procedure to the main medicinal treatment. In the last case it potentiates the effect of antidepressants. Which of these methods of treatment will be the most efficient, depends on the patient’s condition. Some people’s organisms are easily receptive to acupuncture, other ones do not have effect even after long medicamentous therapy.
In such case the individual approach is a must. For example, the acupuncture course started. If the patient’s health began improving after 4–5 sessions passed, then it is possible to continue therapy and to try to obtain a stable state. If during this time there is no positive dynamics and the efficiency of treatment is still low, it is necessary to search for new methods.
The traditional Chinese medicine considers the first step of treatment namely the determination of disbalance – which channels have any kind of defects. The phyto preparations could be prescribed only after the diagnostic investigations are done. The herbal medicines are able to renew the work of chanel. In 80% of cases the main reason of depression is CI energy stagnation in the Liver channel paired with the mucus obstruction in the Spleen channel.
The herbal medicinal products help Liver energy to begin the movement in the channel and to reduce the amount of mucus as well. These phyto preparations have no psychotropic effect. These herbal drugs contain astragalus, lily, peony, licorice, cinnamon, ginseng and a lot of other components.
Depending on the accompanying symptoms, the formula of one phyto preparation can include various components that differ in their actions. Such medicines are made for patients individually.