How to protect a girl from developing breast cancer? (disease on the female line in the family history)

Indeed, breast cancer refers to diseases that can occur in blood relatives on the female line; the disease is considered karmic. To prevent its development, it is necessary to pay attention to two aspects – spiritual and physical.
The spiritual aspect implies satvic consciousness – control of emotions, manifestation of morality, service to people.
The physical aspect implies a way of life, observance of modes of wakefulness and sleep, food. Food should be freshly prepared, rich in antioxidants. In this case, milk and dairy products, red and white meat should be excluded from the diet.
Products containing preservatives, excess carbohydrates, sugar, fermented smoked products should be avoided.
Sources of antioxidants are vegetables and fruits. Fish and seafood are an alternative to meat. In addition, it is necessary to be registered with a mammologist and undergo annual screening (a number of studies, including ultrasound of the breast, blood test for CA 15-3, CEA cancer markers). In the case of predisposition to breast cancer, it is forbidden to take hormonal contraceptives. Cleansing the body with Panchakarma procedures every 2-3 years also reduces the risk of developing of this dangerous illness.

I have high blood pressure, 160/90 mmHg. Can it be reduced without pills? If so, by what?

It is necessary to determine the reason of increase in pressure. If the hypertension was caused not with the nephratonia or atherosclerosis, it is possible to normalize it by means of the complex therapy oriented to improve the blood circulation, metabolism and reach the optimal weight.
Such treatment includes different ways to clarify organism and make it stronger, such as: detoxification, balneoterapia, a diet, therapeutic exercises. It is possible to apply the procedure of a stage-by-stage medicines substitution for the herbal drugs with the antihypertensive action.
The herbal medicinal products also increase the efficiency of the medicinal therapy. It is necessary to hold a consultation and to take a look at the diagnostic results in order to understand the optimal way of treatment and therapy to apply.

How can acupuncture help in weight loss? I am 33 years old, my body weight is 125 kg.

Initially, you need to understand that there are no points in your body to be exposed with an instant result in weight loss. In traditional Chinese medicine, several reasons for weight gain are considered, but the main one is the violation of energy, or rather its deficiency, in the spleen channel. If the system of this channel is normalized, and in parallel, you change your food habits, that is, you will eat according to your body type, attach great importance to motor activity, then your weight will normalize. Acupuncture, in this case, is an auxiliary method. Acupuncture in certain points of the body allows you to restore the metabolism. However, weight stabilization cannot be achieved without lifestyle change. After all, body weight depends on how many calories a person has consumed and spent.

I'm depressed, I'm taking antidepressants. I was offered alternative methods of treatment, in particular, acupuncture. How does it work?

In neuroses with vegetative manifestations, acupuncture can be used both as monotherapy and as concomitant drug therapy. In the latter case, it enhances the effect of antidepressants. Which of these treatments will be most effective depends on the patient’s condition.
In some people, the body is easily affected by acupuncture, while others are irresponsive and need drug therapy.
In this case, an individual approach is important. For example, a course of acupuncture was started; if after 4-5 sessions the patient’s health improves, then the patient can continue therapy and achieve a stable condition. But if there is no positive dynamics, the effectiveness of treatment is low, it is necessary to select other methods.
In Traditional Chinese Medicine, in the treatment of depression, they first determine which channels contain disorders. Based on this, herbal medicines are prescribed for the restoration of their functioning. In 80% of cases, the main cause of depression is stagnation of Qi energy in the Liver channel and blockage in the Spleen channel. Herbal preparations help the Liver energy to start moving through the channel, as well as reduce the amount of mucus. Such drugs do not cause a psychotropic effect. They contain astragalus, lily, peony, licorice, cinnamon, ginseng, and many other components. Depending on the concomitant symptoms, the formula of a phytopreparation may contain ingredients of a different mode of
action. Such drugs are made for patients on an individual basis.