Atherosclerosis: how to avoid tragedy?

Recently, I have visited the innovative rehabilitation center in Greece. Local patients recover and being treated after cerebral accident, heart and ischemic attacks. Most of them are disabled, they can’t talk, breathe or walk. This is a huge advantage for them to get medical help in a modern clinic with highly professional staff. But… This situation raises another question in my mind: how to prevent disturbed circulation?

Once I returned home, I looked for the statistics of cardiovascular disorders. In Hungary, for example, 15000 people aged from 30 to 65 die from illnesses caused by disturbed circulation. Hungary has 9.8 million people, qualitative medicine and peaceful political and social situation. Nevertheless, 70000 disorders directly or indirectly associated to blood circulation in the coronary vessels of the heart, brain, limbs, etc. are registered here each year. Let’s go deeper: 8 people out of 10 at the age of 50 have atherosclerosis. All of us are in the risk group. Many patients I saw in the rehabilitation center, at first, had atherosclerosis only. Heart and apoplectic attacks, disturbed circulation in the heart, nephros, limbs or brain — all those things start from atherosclerosis!

Cause and effect

The main reason of atherosclerotic changes in the vessels (a tumorlet inside the artery) is a low level of antibodies produced by the immune system in response to antigens (foreign elements). The illness begins with the accumulation of low-density lipoprotein (LDL) in the extracellular matrix of the blood vessel. Oxidized LDL parts produce toxic elements that provoke inflammation, patching, fibrosis, etc.

There are many factors that lead to atherosclerosis. This list is sorted from the ones that influence most:

    • Stress is the number one concern. Internal and external factors launch specific mechanisms of sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system that disable the development of antibodies;
    • Smoking takes the second place: nicotine and hypoxia;
    • Unhealthy diet comes next: too much fatty food and lack of food regime;
    • The fourth reason is poisons: chemicals used to protect vegetables and fruits from pests, to provide the longer storage terms, to get better harvest;
    • And the last place  is devoted to regional features.

The list doesn’t include allelically determined factors — there are not many people with immune defects.

A bit more thoughts

While thinking about this problem, I understood how helpless we are against atherosclerosis. Everyone experiences the changes that may lead to a tragedy. Usually, no one thinks about the vessel health and about the consequences, no one has the idea that this small disorder may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. No one realizes that disturbed circulation in pancreas arteries will cause diabetes. Heart attack and cerebral incident are also possible with you and me!

While trying to find protection, I have come to Ayurvedic techniques. Practicing Panchakarma and similar eastern and western therapies, we can restore the nervous system balance, normalize metabolic processes in the cell membranes. However, once the practice is over, we get back to our everyday stresses. Need more money? Here is stress. Do not know how to earn? Stress. See many wrong things around? Stress. Watch videos that excite the nervous system? Once again, it is stressful.

Anti-stress treatment

There is only one way to protect yourself from the negative influence — spirit world. In order to stay far from destructive emotions, we need to address to our immortal part — soul — and find the harmony in its immortality, clearness and health.

The spiritual world develops our soul. If you do not work on your spirit, the body enslaves your soul. Talk to God, contact with nice, kind and good people. You will be able to create a comfortable area that will protect you from the harmful external environment.

Moreover, there are so many herbal tonics to strengthen your nervous system! They do not destroy your body and are not addictive. Take a look at valerian, motherwort, lemon balm, rauwolfia, passionflower — all those herbs help build the healthy nervous system.

In the 1930s, Helen Rerih got the perfect recipe from Indian sages. Each morning, drink a valeriana montana decoction, and also soda solution. Sodium carbonate (Na2CO3) does not allow cell membranes to depolarize, while valerian strengthens the nervous system and protects you against stress.

Stop smoking

As it was mentioned above, the second reason that leads to atherosclerosis is smoking. If you do not quit, all other treatments won’t be successful. Smoking provokes hypoxia and oxygen deficiency which further injures blood vessel.

But how to stop smoking? It’s easy if you make a decision. One day you will understand that you poison yourself. All smokers feel this mist, heavy headedness and body burden. I’ve smoked too, so I understand what I am talking about perfectly. The day when I decided to suit has already come, and I’ve never touched the cigarettes again. My secret is the sincere intention.

At unity with nature

Our lifestyle is something that keeps us protected from the outside world. With certain biological rhythms — like getting up early and going to sleep until 10 p.m. — we are united with nature. When I eat at 6-7 p.m., I help my liver to work without an increased load. By holding meetings in the morning, in the Kapha period, when the nervous system is balanced, I find the most compromise solutions and creative ideas. These tiny simple things help to stay away from stress and live balanced.

Fasting is also important. Despite the fact that it came to us through religion, the periods of purification is a nature’s plan. Usually, these periods align with the change of seasons. Rationing helps the body launch self-cleaning mechanisms.

And once again about Panchakarma. Please note that it is the only effective method to prevent poisoning and intoxication of the organism. It is important to undergo it regularly — at least 1 or 2 times per year. The atherogenic coefficient (the correlation between harmful and beneficial cholesterol) in our patients normalizes or becomes close to normal after each course.