The stress that literally all people are now experiencing requires a way out of this state. That is relaxation. One of the most accessible and fastest methods for this is music.

The impact of music on the human body is based on the fact that the nervous system and muscles are able to assimilate the rhythm. Entering through the auditory analyzer into the cerebral cortex, sounds propagate to the subcortical centers, the spinal cord, and further – to the autonomic nervous system and internal organs. Various studies have established the effect of musical stimuli on the pulse, breathing, depending on the height, strength, sound, and timbre. The frequency of respiratory movements and heartbeats varies depending on the tempo, the key of the musical work. So, for example, the cardiovascular system noticeably reacts to music that gives pleasure and creates a pleasant mood. In this case, the pulse slows down, heart contractions increase, blood pressure decreases, and blood vessels expand. Through the impact of the vibration of sounds, the energy fields are created that cause every cell of the body to resonate. Thus, the energy of music normalizes the rhythm of breathing, pulse, pressure, temperature, relieves muscle tension.

What is the best music to reduce stress?

Native Indian, Celtic string instruments, drums and flutes effectively relax the mind. The sounds of rain, the singing of birds, the sound of the waves also have a relaxing effect, especially if you mix them with the classics.

What to add to the playlist?

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart – the works of the famous Austrian composer are called universal music, which has a strong healing effect. Particularly favorable to the nervous system are Symphony No. 6 and Piano Concerto No. 21,

Dan Gibson, “Songbirds: A Surround Sound Experience”birdsong, forest noise, mountain stream, etc. Dan Gibson is a famous Canadian photographer and archivist of the sounds of nature in different geographical points of the planet, forming them into collections and albums. In the mid-80s, together with his son Gordon, he began to overlay the sounds of nature on instrumental music. So 70 albums were released.

Angels Of Venice is a group founded by harpist Carol Tatum in 1993. Performs works by contemporary authors and classics with harp, cello, flute and vocals.

A selection of musical mantras for deep sleep, meditation, and relaxation is available at www.innersplendor.com.