Calendula Pharma Co. website has new design, convenient and easy navigation, more information about herbal remedies, it is possible to order and pay for our dietary supplements online.

Today we have 15 biologically active food additives certified according to EU standards. All of them were developed by Dr. Skopintsev Dmitry, the head doctor of the CALENDULA clinic, to solve a variety of health problems. You already know many of these drugs, recall some of them:

IMMUNFORCE – immunotonic, increases the body’s defenses. The drug passed into the must have category during the spread of the viral epidemic;

BEOPTIMIST – a herbal analogue of antidepressants, increases stress resistance of both the nervous system and the whole body. Now it is more relevant than ever;

BRAINTONIQ – for improving mental processes and memory. Given that you have to work with a huge amount of applications and information, and no one exempted students and schoolchildren from exams, the drug is also important in this period;

SLIMVEDA – to restore metabolism and reduce weight. Summer is drawing near, and no matter how the holiday season is, staying in good shape is necessary;

TRIPHALA is a classic Ayurvedic phyto-formula for normalizing digestion and gentle cleansing at home. This herbal product is manufactured by Calendula Pharma Co. was certified as a dietary supplement last year, and this has made it more affordable for our patients.

All herbal remedies have several types of packaging – 42, 84 and 180 capsules, which allows you to choose the required volume.

Another important nuance is that valuable phytoformulas are enclosed in vegetarian capsules.

We can freely deliver dietary supplements and other herbal medicines to the EU countries. Ready to provide a free consultation of a specialist in herbal medicine.

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Follow the news, order, ask – on our part, we are ready to provide support to maintain your health!