Coronavirus is the topic of the day all over the world. 2019nCoV is spread so far all over the world that more people are afraid and in panic but still lots of us have to travel abroad to Asia and Europe. The doctor Pawel Bigori from CALENDULA clinic will inform you how to protect yourself and stay healthy while the pandemy continues.

  1. Coronavirus is spread in the air. It effects the lungs and causes a hard pneumonia. The main symptoms are dry cough and high temperature. The virus is observed at people with temperature 37,5 and incubation period is within 3-20 days, so people can infect others during this period.
  2. While traveling somewhere don’t forget to take sanitizers and use them regularly at the airport, railway station, in the planes, trains, buses and even just when you push the button to use an elevator or touch the handrails.
  3. Don’t touch your face and eyes as the infection can get inside your organism through eyes and nose.
  4. Don’t ignore protection masks. There are various kinds of them with filters or respiratory masks which are good for the airports where lots of people. If someone is ill it is a must to put on mask for him/her in order not to infect others.
  5. Try to avoid crowded places and if you need to go to the supermarket it is better to do this in the early morning or late in the evening before closing as less people are there.
  6. While coming back home leave your clothes and boots in the corridor, don’t take them into the living space and of course don’t forget to sanitize your hands.
  7. It is very important to have a good rest and sleep as while sleeping your nervous system is restored. Constantly being in stress provokes high level of cortisol and adrenaline hormones in blood and the immune system suffers.
  8. If you are having some symptoms of the illness don’t go to work and don’t let your children attend school or kindergarten as the risk of being infected is rather high. When the spring is coming try to spend more time outdoors as the bacteria of the virus is disappearing in the freshness of the air.
  9. Don’t panic! 80 percent of this virus have light form of infection. On the one hand it is really good but on the other don’t ignore protection methods as you can infect other people, especially the elderly ones and those who have some chronic diseases or diabetes.

Take care of yourselves and the others!