Children are very receptive to the mood of their parents and to what adults are discussing. The information field in which they live now, unfortunately, is oversaturated with news that causes fear.

How to protect the child’s psyche, which has not yet grown stronger, says Dr. Szkopintseva Diana, family doctor, acupuncturist and TCM doctor.

Already during the pandemic, many faced a lot of fears: the fear of contracting covid – getting sick and dying. Previously usual trips to a kindergarten, school or shop, as well as meetings with relatives living separately, have become stressful situations. Children have a very thin energy field, so they quickly adopt the fear and anxiety of their parents, “infect” with this state, which increases their internal tension. Naturally, this is reflected in the work of the immune system.

Let’s turn to the ancient medical systems: what do they say about this? According to Ayurveda, human immunity is determined by the concept of Ojas (translated from Sanskrit – “life force”). In fact, it is energy, which is the substance of life. Each of us has a certain amount of Ojas: someone is born with a large supply of this energy, and someone with a small amount.

Due to constant stress and fear, vital energy is used up, goes away. And along with this, immunity weakens, a person becomes susceptible to infections and viruses. Stress hormones deplete the adrenal glands and reduce the adaptive function of the nervous system.

How can we protect our mental body?

The goal of Ayurveda is to educate and raise happy, self-confident children without any emotional trauma. Therefore, it is so important for adults, first of all, to take care of their own mental health: what happens to parents will sooner or later happen to children. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to protect and strengthen, first of all, your own Ojas.

We live in a difficult time; in the long term we will see the consequences of current events for the mental health of our children.

That is why the most important thing now is to pay more attention to your own health. To do this, it is important to streamline your thoughts and life – in this case, such a tool as planning helps (write plans, short-term and long-term goals), do work you like, pay attention to creativity (writing articles, literary works, compiling a family genealogical tree), read fiction, do physical activity. And most importantly, involve your children in these activities.

The biggest mistake in the treatment of diseases is the separation of soul and body. But these two substances are so interconnected. Ayurveda considers human life as a combination of four aspects: the soul (Atma), the mind (Manas), the senses (Indriyas) and the body (Sarira). To restore physical, mental and emotional balance, this medical system has developed tools over thousands of years to cope with stress, strengthen the psyche, prevent the development of mental illness, etc. There are special spiritual practices, herbal remedies, and medical therapies for this.

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