Dr. Diana P. Szkopinceva is a family medicine doctor practicing Ayurveda, acupuncture and TCM. The topic of children’s safety at the physical and mental levels worries her both as a specialist and as a mother. She shares her vision and solution to the problem of increased anxiety in children in this article.

Parents are the main actors in a child’s life. Their relationships within the family and with other people, the manner of speaking, statements, and actions form the way of thinking in the child. Children adopt the behavioral pattern of their parents, which, unfortunately, is not always harmonious and positive. Especially now, when the security of the world is under threat. What can be done if the child is anxious?

One of the main recommendations of Ayurveda is not to suppress emotions. You have to let them come out and let go. How to implement this in relationships with children? First, you need to be in constant contact with them. You need to talk a lot, soothe and support. Help your child to verbalize how they feel about what is hurting them. This can be realized during a joint role-playing game. It is important to keep your own worries and fears in check. Children are very sensitive to the state of adults and take over any changes in their psycho-emotional field and behavior.

Eliminate irritants that negatively affect children as much as possible. For example, TV and other information channels show photos and videos of disasters that incite horror and sow panic. Also, don’t burden children with information that is inappropriate for their age.

Often adults have high expectations for their children and, naturally, demand high results. When a child does not give the expected performance, this causes serious mental problems and disappointment in the parents themselves. What does their child feel at this moment?

No matter how difficult it is, you need to demonstrate fortitude in front of the children. Finding and showing the right solution to stress or problems is a skill your child will need in the future. He imitates you in everything. And of course, it is important not to go too far. Overprotection will not make him happy. For every parent, two principles should be the main ones – love and patience. Patience and love…

The psyche of a child is vulnerable from an early age. Even if the baby is not speaking yet, his tender soul understands everything. And he perceives the feelings of the mother, while still in the womb. Children hear everything, so be careful not to discuss your problems in their presence.

Ayurveda in Sanskrit means “science of life”. In this philosophical and medical system, there is a separate section “Kaumarabrikhthya”, dedicated to the health, lifestyle, and spiritual realization of the mother and child, and even such issues as the conception of healthy offspring. I think that in today’s conditions the experience and heritage of ancient medical systems in matters of children’s health will be useful. You also need to remember: that a child is a reflection of the family. Therefore, only mentally and physically healthy parents will have the same children.

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