The heart in human body is like the sun on the Earth that gives life, energy and warmth. This organ is not taken separately of the vessels through which the blood is transported and nourishing other organs. There is one important feature of the heart that it is the ability to feel.

Happiness, joy, anger, jealousy all this you can feel through the heart. Just remember when you are in love, your feel high and above the sky, you are inspired inside your heart. And when you are disappointed or frustrated, angry or suffering any tragedy you feel real pain inside.

The heart is the home of ATMAN, that is the real self in ayurvedic medicine. So while having any cardiovascular diseases you have try to find out the real cause of them in self aspect.

The heart is really a strong organ and if there are no serious pathologies in it, it will serve you for years. Still the most frequent illnesses in the world are cardiovascular diseases that cause death much more then others. Heart attack, atherosclerosis, hypertension, apoplexy are caused in the result of born or adopted pathology but more often they are provoked by stress, unhealthy diet, nutrition and such way of life.

People of all constitution types are under the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Heart attacks are the destruction of PITTA and are connected with the problems of blood circulation. While having such diseases people feel pain in the heart, they are sweating and the body is hot. What is more the redness of the face, inflammation of the eyes, dizziness and lost of consciousness, pale face and body or bleeding also speak about the problems with the heart the person is having. At the same time he/she are irritated and angry.

The elderly people are facing the heart disease problems as far as their body tissues are dried and it is called the VATA type disease. They can feel the numbness of the chest and breast, the heart rhythm disorder and pain inside. Insomnia, breath attacks, dry cough and worriedness are also typical symptoms   these people can have. Working age people can also face such symptoms when they are not having enough rest and after hard physical activities they did.

Those ones who overeat or don’t do any physical training can have the following diseases of KAPHA type which are the weight gain, high level of bad cholesterol and accumulation of mucus. The person can feel the heaviness and numbness in the heart area, tiredness, stagnation, lack of appetite and drowsiness, prostration and decreased clarity of thinking The person is also having a strong addictiveness to his belongings.

The treatment of heart diseases depends on their typology. The most important aspect is to go on a special diet. VATA type people should avoid eating of dry and artificial foods and add fish or the products which contain A, E, D vitamins to their diet. PITTA type people should get rid of oily and fatty foods, red meat and hot spices. KAPHA type people should forget about sugar, salt, dairy products and fat meat as these products are provoking high level of bad cholesterol.