The main purpose: inspissated bile cleansing, liver and biliary ducts functions restoration, blood clearance, abolition of the elevated blood pressure.

Program includes:

  1. Regular medical supervision and absolute healthcare service.
  2. The functional diagnostics (the main procedures are meant – the ultrasound investigation, blood examination – the liver function test).
  3. The Ayurvedic therapy with the duration of 1 x 90 minutes for detoxification of organism. The therapy is planned only by medical prescription:
  • Abhyanga massage;
  • Udvartana massage;
  • Patra Pinta Svidana (Patra Potli, Rice Potli, Agni Potli);
  • Marma massage;
  • Oil bath treatment (Uro vasti, Kati vasti, Griva vasti, Prista vasti, Janu vasti, Vese vasti, Shiro vasti, Netro vasti);
  • Svidana (Bapha sveda, Nagy sveda);
  • Shirodhara – with oil, milk;
  • Belly correction (remodeling);
  • Special compresses (Lepa);
  • Moth cavity care (Gandusha).


4. The following motion activity set is recommended once daily by medical prescription:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • yoga and breathing exercises;
  • cardiovascular set of exercises.


5. The basic package of the phyto preparations (for liver and biliary ducts purification).


6. Cleansing Virechana procedure.


Program package price is 700 euros.

The tourist tax, feeding* and accommodation services are paid additionally.

*3-time meals (FB feeding concept) costs 38 euros a day.