Allergic diseases are a changed hypersensitivity of the body to external or internal foreign substances called allergens. In reaction to such an “irritant” entry (and for the most part allergens are protein components), the body begins to produce antibodies that protect it from the foreign agents entry. This reaction is similar to the immune response, but proceeds in a more evident form.

Any, even insignificant and short-term contact with an external allergen can lead to the next allergy appearances.

The main allergic diseases are:

  • allergies, including skin manifestations
  • rheumatism
  • asthma
  • urticaria, pollen fever, seasonal allergies.

The traditional treatment of allergies comes down to eliminating contact with the allergen (which is sometimes impossible), using antihistaminic and some other drugs, which, according to doctors, don’t allow to effectively control such diseases.

The CALENDULA clinic specialists offer alternative methods of treating allergic diseases, including exposure to internal mechanisms of the pathological process formation, bioregulation and body decontamination.

Along with hypersensitivity reactions, our clinic also treats immunodeficient diseases.