Childhood is characterized by certain physiological and psycho-emotional characteristics. Therefore, in pediatric practice, special diagnostic and treatment methods are required, as well as a special approach. The use of invasive methods and chemicals should be sharply limited so as not to interfere with the growth and development of the child’s body.

The treatment methods offered by the specialists of the CALENDULA clinic are the alternative that will allow influencing effectively on the existing pathology without causing any imbalances in the body.

At CALENDULA, the following pathologies in children are successfully diagnosed and treated:

  • scoliosis and other problems with posture
  • bronchial asthma
  • diseases of the digestive tract and digestive glands
  • neuroendocrine system disorders
  • autoimmune, allergic diseases.

The doctors use Ayurvedic and modern minimally invasive methods of diagnostics and treatment of almost all types of diseases, and offer a comfortable stay that is different from a traditional hospital and an individual approach. All this positively affects the recovery process and the overall psycho-emotional attitude of young patients.

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