Collagen injections for joints are an administration of hyaluronic acid directly into the joint that allows you to make up for the deficiency of synovial fluid and to restore damaged tissue; it eliminates inflammation and prevents the destruction of cartilaginous tissue. Due to this, the mobility improves, and physical activity is maintained. The targeted injections have been developed for each joint (knee, elbow, lumbar and cervical).

Medical indications for collagen injections:

  • osteoarthrosis of the knee and elbow joints
  • hernia, protrusion of the lumbar and cervical spine
  • gonarthrosis
  • pain syndrome of joints.

How does it work?
Collagen is a thread-like protein of the tertiary structure that is needed for synthesis of the connective tissue providing its elasticity and strength. Connective tissue is involved in the formation of stroma (a skeleton for all organs of our body and their external capsule). Most of the connective tissue elements are located in the bones, cartilage, tendons, ligaments, joints and joint fluid (acts as a lubricant for sliding movements and as a buffer for axial loads). Collagen synthesis occurs in fibroblasts and cells of the connective tissue. Fibroblasts not only synthesize a substance, but also actively destroy it. After 25-30 years, destruction begins to prevail over production. After 35 years, only 50% of the previous amount is restored (because of this, age-related joint problems occur). Injectants allow you to enter the medicinal product directly into the joint, thereby replenishing the physiological concentration of collagen and stopping the degenerative processes.

Our clinic uses Italian MD-collagen injections. They contain collagen, as well as substances of plant and mineral origin, which facilitate the transportation of collagen into the target tissue. The number of such injection procedures is determined by the doctor depending on the clinical condition of the patient: usually 2-3 injections per week. Relief of the disease state occurs after the first 1-3 procedures.

Result: pain elimination, mobility improvement of the muscle-skeleton system, rejuvenation of joints, reduction of the damages caused by aging, poor posture, injuries, muscle tone, etc.