Shock wave therapy (SWT) is a focused exposure of a shock wave directed to the deep layers of tissues, which allows you to act on a tender point, as well as restore the natural metabolism and activate the processes of cell repair and renewal. The method has been widely used in orthopedics, traumatology, sports and aesthetic medicine.

Medical indications for the use of SWT:

  • arthrosis
  • periarthritis
  • osteochondrosis
  • kidney stones and gallstones
  • plantar fasciitis (calcaneal spur)
  • calcified tendonitis
  • ulnar epicondylitis
  • achillodynia
  • tibial stress syndrome
  • pain in the neck, shoulders, and back.
  • cellulite and local body fat.

How does it work?
Shock waves have high energy amplitude and short pulse duration. They spread in soft tissues simultaneously without damaging them, and affect bones, cartilage, and calcified formations. Mechanical stimuli caused by shock waves (compression and extension) activate the process of cell regeneration; trigger chain chemical and molecular biological reactions. After the first session, there is a decrease in pain in the case of deep muscle spasms. The procedure is effective in the treatment of calcified deposits and bone lumps on the vertebral column, which decompose after several procedures. The CALENDULA Clinic uses Duolith SD1 device for conducting shockwave therapy. The number of the procedures is prescribed by the doctor; the recommended course is no less than 5 procedures.

Result: elimination of pain, mobility improvement of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle tone, rejuvenation of joints and skin, reduction of body fat.