Special short programs for our guests at special price for christmas!

Express program “Healthy weight” Christmas offer!

Minus 2 sizes in 7-12 days for Christmas present!

Aim: natural getting rid of extra pounds, improving metabolic processes in the body, achieving the desired physical shape, gaining the skills of a healthy lifestyle.

1 day of the program includes:

• 1 x 90-min Ayurvedic therapies (Udvartana massage and Svedana steam bath)
• 1 x 40- 60 min Special straw bath for weightloss and metabolism with special weightloss scrub
• 2 x 90-min weightloss movement therapy and cardio training, walking
• 1x 30 min salt room for cleansing of the respiratory system
• 3x in 7 days lymph drainage machine massage
• Phytotherapy (diuretic, choleretic herbs and phytomedicines, accelerating the metabolism)
• 2x dietary food, excluding carbohydrates and fats

Accommodation is extra charge.

The offer is valid from 1. December 2017. to 7th of January 2018!

Book your place now: info@calendula.hu, + 36 84 552 725