The efficient combination of Ayurvedic and modern medical methods of diagnostics allows to define most precisely current state of an organism and to appoint the well-timed treatment paired with the preventive therapies.

Program includes:

1. The Ayurvedic and general medic consulting (40 minutes).


2. The clinical blood and urine analysis.


3. Electrocardiogram (ECG).


4. Echo-cardiography (ECHO).


5. Abdominal, pelvic and pineal organ ultrasound investigations.


6. Three Ayurvedic therapies by medical prescription:

  • Abhyanga massage;
  • Udvartana massage;
  • Patra Pinta Svidana (Patra Potli, Rice Potli, Agni Potli);
  • Marma massage;
  • Oil bath treatment (Uro vasti, Kati vasti, Griva vasti, Prista vasti, Janu vasti, Vese vasti, Shiro vasti, Netro vasti);
  • Svidana (Bapha sveda, Nagy sveda);
  • Shirodhara – with oil, milk;
  • Belly correction (remodeling);
  • Special compresses (Lepa);
  • Moth cavity care (Gandusha).


7. The exit wrap-up consulting with the individual recommendations concerned the treatment, diet and healthy lifestyle.

Program package price is 700 euros.

Feeding* and accommodation services are paid additionally.

The optimal days for the program completing are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday (all the variants are possible to reconcile on an individual basis).

*3-time meals (FB feeding concept) costs 38 euros a day.

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