The main purpose: the process of deep organism purification – the cleansing out of different kinds of wastes, the metabolic rebalancing, weight loss, seasonal diseases prevention (and the chronic illnesses development prevention as well), the absolute physical and reloading psycho-emotional process, the organism preparing for the treatment with anti-aging Rasayan-supplements.

Panchakarma course includes:

1. Regular medical supervision and absolute healthcare service.


2. The Ayurvedic therapy with the duration of 2 x 90 minutes for the metabolic process normalization. The therapy is planned only by medical prescription:

  • Abhyanga massage (Abhyahga);
  • Udvartana massage (Udvartana);
  • Patra Pinta Svidana (Patra Potli, Rice Potli, Agni Potli);
  • Marma massage (Marma massage);
  • Oil bath treatment (Uro vasti, Kati vasti, Griva vasti, Prista vasti, Janu vasti, Vese vasti, Shiro vasti, Netro vasti);
  • Svidana (Bapha sveda, Nagy sveda);
  • Shirodhara – with oil, milk (Shirodhara);
  • Belly correction;
  • Special compresses (Lepa);
  • Moth cavity care (Gandusha).


3. The range of the physiotherapeutic procedures by medical prescription:

    • Salt bath;
    • Zalmanov bath;
    • Phyto Bath;
    • Salt therapy room.


4. The motion activity therapy by medical prescription:

  • therapeutic exercises;
  • yoga + Pranayama;
  • cardiovascular set of exercises


5. The basic package of the phyto preparations (for the deep organism purification, metabolic rebalancing and health maintenance, the care range for the morning regimen).


6. The cleansing procedures by medical prescription:

  • Vamana (Vamana);
  • Virechana (Virechana);
  • Basti (Basti)
  • Nasja / Shirovirechana (Nasja / Shirovirechana).


7. The dietetic therapy FB (the dietary and vegetarian dishes by medical prescription).

The optimal course duration recommended is 21 days (all the variants are possible to reconcile with the doctor)
21-days course costs 4300 euros (205 euros a day);
14-days course costs 3000 euros (214 euros a day);
The price per person a day is 220 euros.
The tourist tax and accommodation services are paid additionally..

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