Metameric therapy is a method of exposure by injection of medical preparation to metamers (segments of the body located sequentially along the longitudinal axis). The injected substance has a direct effect on the nerve cells and reaches neuronal structures. Preparations are used as drug agents that act on the central nervous system, peripheral neurotransmitter processes and on the region of sensitive nerve endings.

Indications for metameric therapy:

  • functional disorders of the nervous system
  • pain syndromes
  • disorders of the musculoskeletal system
  • vegetovascular and vegetotrophic disorders
  • vegeto-visceral syndrome.

How does it work? The human body consists of the metamers. In the course of evolutionary development, living organisms developed from a simple repetition of identical segments including the same set of external and internal organs, to a more complex one due to the isolation of the head, limbs and the displacement of internal organs. In an adult, the metameric structure is preserved by the spine, backbone, spinal roots and some structures of the autonomic nervous system. The limbs and internal organs of a person, who have lost the external metameric features of progenitor segments, are still associated with them functionally. The skin areas (dermatomer), muscles (myrmer), blood vessels (vasomer), tendons, ligaments and periosteum (scleromer), internal organs (visceromere) that enter into a specific metamere, interact with each other and functionally defined structures of the autonomic and somatic nervous system. This explains the reflected pain and autonomic phenomena in certain pathologies of the internal organs. Metamere therapy is based on the principles of reflexology. The most popular is Cerebrolisini (a protein-free brain substance hydrolyzate). This is a medical preparation that corrects pain sensitivity. Actovigan is also prescribed. Depending on the localization of motor impairment, 10-20 points are chipped in one session along the main metameres (the doctor selects and combines a combination of chipping points individually).

Result: elimination of the pain syndromes; slipped disc acquires physiological elasticity and strength.