Neurological disorders include diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system (diseases of the brain and spine, cranial nerves, peripheral nerves, nerve roots, autonomic nervous system, neuromuscular junctions and muscles). Neurological diseases are of varying severity.

Diseases of the central nervous system (CNS): epilepsy and strokes, spinal gliosis and multiocular sclerosis, degenerative processes (Alzheimer’s disease), congenital abnormalities, tumors, infections, injuries.

Diseases of the peripheral nervous system: neurodynia, neuropathy, myasthenia, radiculopathy (nerve roots lesions) and some muscle diseases.

In our clinic we can help with:

  • acute and chronic headaches (blind headache, headache, etc.)
  • somnipathy
  • chronic pain problems
  • trifacial neuralgia
  • facial paralysis
  • overactive bladder syndrome
  • neuroinfection, etc.

Diseases of the nervous system arise as a result of a number of reasons: due to long-lasting nervous tension, stress, day regimen disturbances, and sedentary lifestyle. As a rule, neurological diseases are manifested by imbalances of other organs and systems functions. Symptoms include balance disorders when walking and loss of coordination, difficult orientation in space, defective memory, weakness, paralysis.

To prescribe the correct treatment, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The head physician of the CALENDULA clinic, Dr. Skopintsev Dmitry, is a neurologist by his first medical education, thoroughly knows this medical section. Comprehensive programs created under his leadership are adapted to the condition of a particular patient. For example, to relief the acute pain syndrome, therapeutic blockades, acupuncture, anti-inflammatory drugs and herbal formulations, applications, massages with emphasis on the tender point are applied. For the treatment of headaches, for example, relaxing procedures, cleansing of the face-jaw sinuses, etc. are important. A combination of medications with Ayurvedic procedures, herbal medicine, balneotherapy and reflexology can eliminate pain and its first cause, as well as slow down the development of complex pathologies.

Recommendations: “Healing program”, treatment course – 21 days.

Diseases accompanied by the central nervous system damage require a special approach. In order to really assess the severity and possibility of treatment in this case, you need to consult a doctor, as well as discharges, conclusions, research results made earlier.