‘Panchakarma’ program

Cleansing the body at the cellular level

For 28 years of using Ayurvedic treatments in the treatment, we have seen the effectiveness and necessity of Panchakarma. Unique cleansing procedures allow you to cleanse the body not only on the physical, but also on the mental and emotional levels. Unlike other existing detox techniques, Panchakarma allows you to influence the root cause of the disease.

Recommended for:

  • metabolic disorders
  • bronchial asthma
  • type 2 diabetes
  • gastritis and colitis
  • rheumatoid arthritis
  • diseases of the liver and heart
  • autoimmune diseases and allergies.

Goal: deep cleansing the body of toxins and toxins, restoring metabolism, weight loss, preventing seasonal exacerbations, reloading physical and psycho-emotional.

“Panchakarma’ course includes:

1. Regular medical supervision and absolute healthcare service.

2. 2 x 60 min. Ayurvedic therapy per day (as prescribed by the doctor):

  • Abhyanga massage
  • Udvartana massage
  • Patra Pinta Svidana (Patra Potli, Rice Potli, Agni Potli)
  • Marma massage
  • Oil bath treatment (Uro vasti, Kati vasti, Griva vasti, Prista vasti, Janu vasti, Vese vasti, Shiro vasti, Netro vasti)
  • Svidana (Bapha sveda, Nagy sveda)
  • Shirodhara – with oil, milk
  • Special compresses (Lepa).

3. Physiotherapy according to a medical prescription:

  • Zalmanov’ bath
  • salt or phyto bath.

4. Daily exercise therapy – according to a medical prescription:

  • healing gymnastic
  • yoga + pranayama (breathing exercises).

5. The basic package of the phyto medicines (for the deep organism purification, metabolic rebalancing and health maintenance, for the morning routine).

6. Cleansing procedures:

  • Vamana
  • Virechana
  • Basti
  • Nasja / Shirovirechana.

7. 3 x daily healing diet (vegetarian and dietary foods – according to medical prescription).

The recommended course duration is 14–21 days (changes are possible only by agreement with the doctor).

Price: 175 Euro / day / person.

Extra payment is required: in the Ayurvedic classic clinic CALENDULA or ECOhouse.


  • Single with a balcony – 65 Euro / night
  • Single without a balcony – 50 Euro / night
  • Double room – 80 Euro / night


  • Standard – 100 Euro / night
  • Superior – 120 Euro / night

Extra bed: 25 Euro / night / personю Children under 12 years old stay free of charge.

Prices do not include tourist tax – 1,4 Euro / night / person.

Contact our manager or staff to schedule an appointment: info@calendula.hu, 06 84/352 725.