Shalakya tantra

Shalakya tantra is associated with the treatment of the ear, nose, throat and eyes. Therefore, this science corresponds to otorhinolaryngology (ORL) and ophthalmology in modern medicine.

Ayurveda considers the eyes to be the most important sensory organ (indriya). All other sensory organs require the eyes to fully realize their functionality. Despite the fact that vision is one of the most important feelings, it plays a significant role in enjoying life.

What should you know about the eyes?

Eyes are connected to Pitta. When this dosha goes out of balance, problems with the organs of vision, such as burning, cramps, and tension, begin. Dryness and a feeling of “sand” in the eyes are related to Vata-dosha’s disturbances. Swelling and tearing are Kapha’s disorders.

Typically, eye diseases are caused by unwilling to see the past, present, or future. We often do not want to see what is happening in our lives. You need to understand that all problems are not outside, but in our minds. Therefore, first of all, you need to get rid of internal doubts. Practices such as meditations, mudras and yoga asanas will help to calm the mind and normalize the mental state.

Eye treatments

To maintain eye health, it is useful to undergo Ayurvedic therapies: Netra Basti (oil baths for the eyes), that is a special compress with a decoction of trifala, which eliminates inflammation, dryness, swelling, and also strengthens the vessels of the eyes.