Purpose: To stop the continuous waste of resources of the nervous system, organs, tissues, heart, blood vessels, adrenal glands, thyroid gland, pituitary gland. Restore the vital activity of the body. Normalize sleep and natural rhythms. Replace the intake of chemicals with herbal ones. Regulate the functioning of the digestive system. In the shortest possible time, restore harmony between consciousness and body and, as a result, develop tolerance to stress.

The course “Treatment of post-traumatic stress syndrome” includes:

  • daily visit to Dr.
  • doctor’s lecture (every other day)
  • psychotherapy (every other day)
  • acupuncture (every other day)
  • pranayama / tai chi / yoga / therapeutic exercises – individually every day
  • traditional rasayana preparations
  • individually prepared food (vegetarian)

Recommended course duration – 21 days
The minimum course duration is 14 days

Additionally paid:

  • accommodation in the rooms of the Hotel, ECO-house or Classical Clinic
  • phytopreparations prescribed at the end of the program to continue the course of treatment at home
  • services of invited specialists (surgeon, proctologist, cardiologist, ENT specialist, oculist)
  • research (ultrasound, ECG), laboratory tests

For citizens of Ukraine who entered Europe after February 24, 2022, a 30% discount is provided for treatment and accommodation.

Contact our manager for advice and booking: info@calendula.hu, +36 30 730 44 08, +36 84 330 754 (Viber, Whats App)