Vajikarana is the name of the specialty that deals with the recovery and strengthening of the reproductive functions of the body, as well as sexual health issues of the both sexes.

In the definition of health, according to Ayurveda, there are the words “… and leave behind a healthy offspring”. Vajikarana allows us to keep this commandment, preserving the youth of the reproductive system.

Reproductive one is the final tissue in the metabolic chain. If problems arise in the urogenital sphere, it means that a failure in the assimilation of necessary substances and metabolic processes occurs at the level of other tissues. Therefore, the treatment should be aimed at improving the quality of plasma, blood, muscles, adipose, bone and nerve tissue. Firstly, you need to restore the digestive fire (agni), and metabolism. Therefore, the Panchakarma procedure or the body cleansing is the first stage of the treatment of organs of the reproductive system. Then, a purified organism is affected by vajikaran medicines, therapeutic procedures, baths and nutrition.

What should you know about Vajikarana?

1 Nutrition: it is necessary to include products, which support endocrine profile, in the diet. The example is seafood, from which the body receives protein and which quickly turns into testosterone and oestrogens. Women should eat products that contain phytoestrogens: for example, soy, dates, some types of nuts, cheeses, and milk.

2 Phytotherapy: For many thousands of years, Ayurveda has identified the most effective plants for the restoration of the female reproductive system. The most famous is Withania Somnifera, or winter cherry. This plant has a pronounced anti-aging effect. Modern studies have confirmed that Withania Somnifera normalizes the secretion of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, restores the functions of the ovaries and myometrium.

Other plants with strong impact affecting the reproductive system are Órchis, Asparagus lucidus L., and Asparagus officinális.

3 Vajikarana: Ayurveda has created a huge amount of herbal medicines for rejuvenation and treatment of the reproductive organs. In addition to herbal ingredients, metals, gold, and minerals are added to their formulas. With repeated burning and grinding, these components turn into an organic compound – basma, which is a synergist for plants; it enhances their effect and increases efficiency.

4 Exercises: In yoga and pranayama, there are a number of techniques that can strengthen and tighten certain muscle groups, including the pelvic floor, vagina, buttocks, and abdomen.

5 Procedures: To rejuvenate the organs of the reproductive system, special massages and compresses are used – constricting, cooling, warming, moisturizing, and other techniques for influencing the skin, connective tissue and muscle system. Marma therapy methods allow the usage of the additional heat and pressure for stimulation of certain points, causing reflex tension or compression, and thus for increase of the tissue tone. Oil and milk baths are also effective. When the whole body is immersed in a similar solution, fat-soluble substances penetrate through the skin, which are released from certain fruits, plants, animal products. The effect is comparable to applying a cream. And this food is not of separate sites, but of the whole body.

6 Internal therapy: Douching, tampons, suppositories are the medicines recommended by modern medicine. Their effectiveness lies in the ability to act on the deep muscles of the vagina, uterus, appendages from the inside (to tighten, moisturize and nourish). In fact, a woman’s vagina is another organ through which the body can be nourished. Any administration of drugs corresponding to the flora nourishes the reproductive tissue (shukra), and supports its functions.

In Ayurveda, there are certain procedures that Sushrut, the founder of surgery, has used: vaginal tightening, implantation, for example, strengthening of the cavity, and correction of the direction of urinary bladder, etc. Modern medicine takes advantage of what was known in ancient times and successfully introduced.