Doctor Turlyk Viktor
Brief info


Dr. Turlyk Viktor has several medical specialties: in 1998 he graduated from the medical faculty of Uzhgorod State University with a degree in General Medicine. In 2006, he was trained in physiotherapy, and in 2012 – in pulmonology. He is qualified as a physiotherapist of the highest category. For many years he headed departments and medical institutions in Transcarpathia. He was also a member of the accreditation commission of the sanatorium institutions of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region. Medicine for Dr. Turdik was a conscious choice, as he was born and raised in the family of a cardiologist. He joined to the CALENDULA team in January 2020. He considers it his duty to help people stay healthy.

«Ayurveda is the source of medicine. Today there is a tendency to return to basics. We left the cage and returned to the cage. Panchakarma – purification, allowing to give the cell a new life».