Doctor Bihary Pal
Brief info


Doctor Bihary Pal graduated from Uzhgorod National University, majoring in General Medicine in 1997. During his traineeship he studied internal medicine and family medicine. In 2002 he worked as a family doctor in the United Statesfor a probation period. Following the completion of his. fellowship, Mr. Bihary worked at the Postgraduate Education Faculty of Uzhgorod National University from 1998 to. He is the author of 12 scientific publications and was the head of the regional department of marketing at Kusum Pharm company. He also studies traditional Chinese medicine and has completed courses on acupuncture and bio-resonance therapy. Pal Bihary joined the CALENDULA team in 2015. Here he conducts counseling giving individually tailored support to patients to help them manage stress and offers acupuncture and moxibustion therapies.

«Everything is an energy. Think consciously, because thoughts are material».