Dr. Diana Skopintseva
Brief info

Family doctor

Dr. Diana Proszenyak Skopinceva is a family doctor and one of the directors of the Calendula Institute. Behind her frail figure she is a firmly committed doctor who finished her studies in 2003 at the Faculty of Medicine of Albert Szentgyörgyi University of Szeged, one of the most famous universities in Hungary  . She was a practitioner at the city hospital of Siofok and some clinics in Budapest. After graduation she spent her years of residency as a practitioner at Calendula Clinic. In 2009 Dr. Diana Proszenyak Skopinceva passed her general and family practitioner exam. In addition, she is a phitotherapist and an Ayurvedic specialist awarded by the Dhanvantari prize and.

«Parents are responsible for children’s health. This responsibility means more than prevention or the regular visit to the doctors, it also includes a way of thinking, lifestyle and of course a personal example.»